5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Have a Bike Fitting

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You know how uncomfortable ill-fitted clothes can be. If they’re too small, you’re constantly tugging at them, trying to loosen their grip to your body. If they’re too big, you’re likely pulling them up or down, struggling to keep them secured. This inconvenience is nothing compared to the discomfort of an ill-fitted bike — especially for older riders who need comfort for cycling excursions. Seniors who are looking for a new bicycle should consider the following five reasons why a bike fitting may be beneficial.

Ensure a Comfortable and Correct Fit

  1. Minimize discomfort when you’re riding. The first and most obvious benefit of a bike fitting is its ability to minimize any potential discomfort from riding. A bike that’s not fitted correctly often causes riders to hunch over and bend their legs uncomfortably, or it might make you overextend your limbs, which can be equally uncomfortable. If you want to enjoy your electric tricycle or bicycle, you need to ensure that it’s the right size for your unique body type — and the best way to do this is to invest in a bike fitting.
  2. Prevent injuries that the wrong size bike can cause. A bike that’s not the right fit for your body isn’t just a threat to your comfort. It could jeopardize your health, too, by putting you at risk of a preventable injury. You can avoid sprains, strains, and falls by scheduling a bike fitting. This process typically includes taking measurements of your body and finding the bike that’s best suited to your size. This prevents injuries because it allows you to ride in an ergonomically appropriate position.
  3. Find the motivation to ride more often. If you’re looking for the best road bike for older riders, you’re probably trying to integrate a new form of exercise into your routine — and biking is a great option. A new bike is a big investment, though, and you don’t want to buy one that is uncomfortable to ride. This will dissuade you from exercising, and it would be a waste of an investment, too.

Weight and Portability Is Key

  1. Find a bike that’s easy to handle. Many people think about a bike fitting and assume that it’s only for sizing the length of a bike. On the contrary, a fitting can help seniors ensure that they find a bike that’s easy to handle, too. If you have a small frame, a bike that’s too long or too heavy will be prohibitively cumbersome. Getting a custom-fitted bike helps you avoid this outcome.
  2. Consider all of your bike options. A bike fitting also offers the power of selection. You might have difficulty finding the right bike amongst all of the hybrid electric bikes for sale. At a fitting, you can discuss the pros and cons of different models with a specialist, and you can discover options that you may not have known existed. Many seniors enjoy eBikes, for example, but aren’t aware of the many options available. Find the right hybrid bike for your needs.
Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.