1Password Gets Passkey Support; Here’s What You Need to Know


Great news: 1Password now has Passkey support in beta! The internal design of our preferred password app continues to evolve for the better. In addition, we’ve come a little bit closer to finally doing away with passwords.

Passkey, a method intended to eliminate the need for passwords altogether, is gaining more attention. And as a matter of fact, you should know that biometric authentication is achieved by the use of the device’s biometric sensors. That includes face recognition or just a fingerprint. Just imagine how easy it is to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone!

How is your experience so far with 1Password?

Passkey logins may now be added to 1Password because the developers have been gradually releasing the passkey feature to users already. Quite impressive!

Users who frequently upgrade their operating systems or adopt new ecosystems may find 1Password useful because of its portability. Unlike the existing Google and Apple implementations, 1Password is compatible with all platforms and syncs across all devices.

And the best thing is that, just like any other 1Password item, you can provide others temporary access to your passkeys and control when they may use them again.

What’s the deal with that?

For instance, 1Password will automatically import any new passkeys you generate for your Google account. As a result, the next time you need to access your Google account, 1Password will do it for you. No need anymore to enter a password!

Here’s another fact. You were probably already utilizing biometrics to autofill logins on websites and applications if you were using a password manager like 1Password. Practically the recent change isn’t that new. It also appears that using a passkey will eliminate the need to autofill a username and password, as well as the need to touch the login button. Pretty great!

Georgia Nica
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