10 Best-Looking Fire Pits For Cozy Backyards

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Having a fire pit on your deck or in your backyard is just one of the best things you can do to make your property more fun and inviting, both for you and your family as well as for your party guests.

It gives it such a magical vibe, and everyone can gather around the fire and chat, play music and roast marshmallows, just like you’d do while camping.

Basically, it is not just an accessory – for many people, a fire pit is often able to enhance some of the best times with family and friends and create unforgettable memories with them even without a huge vacation budget.

But creating an area comparable to a retreat on your own land sounds easier than it actually is.

There are so many options on the market that you might struggle to pick the right one for you!

With so many designs, materials, sizes, and functions, the possibilities are endless, and many become overwhelmed and keep pushing purchasing one, even though they’ve wanted it for a long time!

As a result, this guide is meant to help you finally learn more about all the different fire pits available and make an educated choice.

First of all, keep in mind that the easiest and most practical option is a gas-operated one, which is why this list contains a number of gas fire pits for you to choose from.

They are not only easy to operate, they are also the safest out of the bunch and also super low maintenance.

Just be careful, if you have a wooden deck, to put a base under any fire pit as to protect it, but if the deck is made out of concrete, there is nothing to worry about – everything is virtually risk-free when using a fire pit on concrete.

Of course, you might care more about hearing the comforting crackling of burning wood and smelling it as well!

If so, a wood-powered fire pit might be the better option for your specific situation, even though they may be in need of more maintenance and more difficult to light.

Other features that you should consider before purchasing one are the design, the level of maintenance it requires, how safe they are, and, of course, the general level of satisfaction from customers, which you can gauge by checking out some of the reviews.

Of course, you should also decide whether you want a big and durable fire pit to just put in one place and keep it there for a long time or if portability is important to you!

After all, if you buy a gas-based fire pit and it’s rather small, you can always bring it with you on actual outings away from your home!

All in all, while the market may be a bit overwhelming at first, in the end, it just means that the buyer has more choices, allowing you to find the ideal pit that can check all the boxes and become the perfect fit for your needs.

Just be a little bit patient before finally deciding, and then you can start enjoying many cozy nights!

Stone Gas Fire Pit

This pit has an eye-catching design. It is made out of light stones, weighing no more than 50 lbs and has a round shape which makes it look more like a natural fire pit.

This means that it comes with the right aesthetic but that it is much easier to use and maintain and it is safer than a natural one.

Keep in mind, however, that the propane tank is not included with the product, so you’d have to purchase one yourself and place it somewhere close to the fire pit for it to function.

Thankfully, a tank seat is included as well as a long tube for the two to be connected.

A PVC cover, as well as lava rocks, are also included, and for the burning area, stainless steel of the best quality was used when making this fire pit.

With one tank, you can use this gas fire pit for up to five hours.

To regulate the flames, there is a practical side knob that will help you do just that.

Sunnydaze Crossweave Outdoor Firepit

At 3 feet wide, this is a large fire pit, which means that it is perfect if you are someone who has a lot of people over for parties and other types of gatherings.

But despite its size, it is still very much portable.

It is also rust-resistant and comes with several safety features, such as a spark screen.

Assembling it is quite easy as well – all you need to do is attach the three legs and outer rim, and it is ready to be used!

The flames are long-lasting, an the fire pit itself is very durable as well.

Blue Fiberglass Gas Fire Pit

While this is a 30,000 BTU liquid propane fire pit, it has all the benefits of a classic fire place without all the cons, such as the sparks flying everywhere and having to clean up the ashes.

Basically, same cozy vibes without any hassle at the end!

All you need to do is push the ignite button and be ready to relax and make some memories!

This product also features a 30 inch, handcrafted resin mantel sitting on steel twin peak panels which conceal the heat source for the most polished look!

It is designed to withstand all weather so that you can enjoy a cozy fire during all seasons!

It is deck-safe, even if your deck is made out of wood since it features legs that keep the fire well above ground.

Tiki Brand Fire Pit

The Tiki Brand Fire Pit is loved by many and it’s no surprise why!

This product won an Edison Award this year, so you can trust that it will deliver!

It is made from 16-gauge stainless steel with a weatherproof powder coating and is designed to last you a long time.

It is sleek and features an internal airflow system that creates a great fire but with much less ash and with little smoke than many other pits.

There is also an ash pan included that is very easy to clean.

It uses firewood to function, and it is portable. Furthermore, you can choose to get this brand’s very own wood pack that gives you an instant-light fire and which can burn for up to 30 minutes per one pack.

Concrete Gas Fire Pit

If you prefer a modern aesthetic when it comes to your backyard, this fire pit might just be the one for you!

It is made from durable but still quite lightweight concrete composite and looks sleek and minimalistic.

You can use it with both natural gas and propane, and this means that it is also ideal for any deck!

Solo Stove Ranger

This is a small and portable fire pit that weighs no more than 17 pounds, so you can take it anywhere, any time!

It does not need any wood to function and does not produce any annoying smoke when in use.

Amagabeli Fire Pit

The Amagabeli fire pit weighs 10.78 pounds and has a depth of 10.4inch (the bowl).

It comes with handles and is rust-resistant.

It is made from heavy-duty cast iron, which makes it very durable and gives it a classic look.

Easy to assemble and portable, thanks to its handles.

It is wood-powered, so all you need are some logs or pellets, and you’re ready to get cozy!

Big enough for up to 8 people to sit around it!

Propane Firebowl

This fire pit is made out of stainless steel and, therefore, resistant to heat and corrosion for a really long time.

It emits 40k BTUs of heat and is fueled by propane, making the fire lighting process really easy every time.

Comes with a custom fit vinyl cover as well for the utmost safety and can be a permanent fixture in your backyard.

Yaheetech Firepit Table

This is a multifunctional fire pit table that is just perfect for the coziest and warmest gatherings with family and friends.

It has a square frame and comes with a log grate, a poker, a heat-resistant fire bowl, a mesh lid as well as a waterproof cover!

While it is a great fire pit, it can be used as a grill as well and even as an ice box if you prefer.

That’s right! This product can go from a fire-containing table to a table with a place where you can chill beverages right in the middle of it! How convenient is that?

Rectangular Concrete Gas Fire Pit With Glass Guard

This fire pit is rectangular and measures 60″. It has a modern look, being made from fiber concrete with a glass guard.

It also features fire reflective crystals.

Burns liquid propane and is rated up to 50,000 BTUs of heat.

For it to function, you need a standard 20lb LP tank, and that will last you for up to 10 hours at a high setting or up to 28 hours on a low setting.

The tank is placed outside the table fire pit and connects using a gas hose. With a natural gas conversion kit that is sold separately, this product can be converted to natural gas as well if that is what you prefer.

The ignition is electronic.

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