YouTube Stories Will Shut Down Soon

Credit: Pixabay

Google is going through some interesting changes, and a new move from the Mountain View-based tech giant implies that the famous YouTube streaming service will lose its Stories feature in a matter of weeks. Those who have been using YouTube Stories will have to comply with the news and eventually find some alternatives to the feature.

Google made the announcement through its support page, which means that there’s pretty much no room for doubt. Google was crystal clear in its statement:

Starting on 6/26/2023 the option to create a new YouTube Story will no longer be available. Stories that are already live on that date will expire 7 days after they were originally shared.

Since Stories will shut down next month, any Stories that you might have up at that time will disappear after 7 days. But there’s no need to worry, as there are some awesome alternatives out there. Community posts are a great way to share updates, have conversations, and promote your content. They even get way more comments and likes compared to Stories. Community posts are more powerful by adding cool editing tools and the option to make them expire after 24 hours. Users also have the chance to engage their audience with polls, quizzes, filters, and stickers.

If you’re into short videos, YouTube Shorts is what you need. They attract more subscribers than Stories. You can create them easily using our mobile tools, like adding text and filters, or even remixing content from YouTube.

It is estimated that there are millions of people who pose as content creators on YouTube. The famous streaming service continues to attract new creators and is a popular platform for sharing and discovering videos across different genres and interests.

Both Community posts and Shorts will continue to improve, which means that it’s a good idea to stay tuned for more updates.


Cristian Antonescu
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