Where You Can Find the Spider-Man Web-Shooters in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Source: Epic Games

One of the biggest things Fortnite Chapter 3 has added is the much-awaited Spider-Man crossover! That includes an official Spider-Man skin and its sleek Mythic Web-Shooters.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 was recently introduced by a special event dubbed The End. Many changes have also been announced, from sleek brand-new cosmetics, challenges to some much-needed map upgrades.

Do you want to find the Spider-Man Mythic Web-Shooters? Here is what you need to know.

Spider-Man Mythic Web-Shooters in Fortnite Chapter 3

Spider-Man has stirred quite the buzz around the Island, and not because he’s finally here. Apparently, players are wondering where they might find the Spider-Man Mythic Web-Shooters?

Well, in a way, the Mythic Web-Shooters shouldn’t be available yet in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. How so?

Epic Games confirmed that they’d arrive on December 11 at 10 AM ET. So, does that mean we have to wait?

Not really! Some players have already got their hands on the Spider-Man Mythic Web-Shooters early, after a monumental discovery: an NPC sells them for 400 Gold!

How cool is that?

However, there is something you should know first. Check out the following steps if you want to get the Spider-Man Mythic Web-Shooters:

  • Gather 400 gold from different locations across the map;
  • Go to Greasy Grove, hit the Mexican restaurant, and find an NPC called Guaco;
  • Exchange the gold for the much-desired Spider-Man Mythic Web-Shooters.

As you can see, it is not such a big deal. Of course, you’ll have to wonder about the Island for a bit, but it’s worth it!

We don’t know for sure why Epic has made the Mythic Web-Shooters available right now, ahead of their official release. And it’s pretty curious.

The good news is that we can take them earlier and give them a whirl, for as much as that’ll last.

Stay tuned for more details about the Spider-Man crossover soon!

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