Visiting Pennsylvania for the first time, recommendations

Amish Country and the chocolate-themed town of Hershey are well-known tourist destinations in Pennsylvania. It’s also possible to visit an International Dark Sky Park in the north of the state and see Albert Einstein’s brain on display in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania is a place that is full of surprises. Even better, many of the best locations to visit in Pennsylvania don’t cost a dime. Free activities include hammering rocks to make them ring, attending the largest free music festival in the country, and, yes, jogging up the “Rocky” steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Time to crank up the “Rocky” theme music and find out what’s hot in Pennsylvania.

Go out for a Cheese Steak and enjoy it

The city of Philadelphia is a must-see if you’re planning a trip to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, is frequently mistaken by visitors from other countries as the state’s capital.

Try the Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia while you’re there! The perfectly seasoned, thinly sliced beef and cheese on a toasty baguette are just what the doctor ordered.

Take a bite if you are concerned about your nutrition. Instead, repeat the third item on our list.

Go to the Liberty Bell and ring a bell

Even if it wasn’t used to signal the commencement of the 13 colonies’ independence battle, the Liberty Bell serves as a powerful reminder of that event.

Many of the ideas we aspire for as a nation are embodied in this symbol. They may not all be there for everyone, but all can still appreciate the liberty bell and other historical landmarks.

Make Your Way Toward the Stairs

As long as you’re able to keep your cool, it’ll be worth it.

Many visitors to the Philadelphia Museum of Art use the Neo-Roman style building’s 72 stone steps to get in. The museum itself is historical, but the stairs have been immortalized in the film Rocky.

When numerous institutions are shutting down around the building, you can rapidly recreate the movie scene by going up the stairs.

Enjoy a stroll through the Magic Garden

Everyone who visits Philadelphia should take the time to see this intriguing piece of modern art-brute history. Initially, it appears to be a series of shimmering crystal passageways and arches. However, it is made entirely from repurposed materials, and the intention is to raise awareness as it is to create beauty.

To cool down, head to the Ricketts Glen state park

Not many places in the world are more beautiful than this one. The state park is unique because it was a protected natural region before humans arrived.

The Ricketts is a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts, a haven for hikers and trackers alike. There are beautiful waterfalls and creeks full of pristine water, even if you aren’t a fan of nature.

Visit the Shofuso for some quiet time for yourself

Shofuso, a 17th-century Japanese home, was opened to the public in the 20th century and is a popular tourist attraction.

No matter how dark it may be inside, the surrounding park and its memorial centers and museums are breathtaking even when the house is locked uptight. Meditation is more accessible at this park because of the harmonious blend of natural and artificial elements.

There are several places where you can focus your attention by employing tactics. A simple walk through the woods with your thoughts will leave you feeling revitalized, even if you’ve never done it before.

You can enjoy online casino

Pennsylvania also provides outstanding online entertainment, like you can play online casinos. Online casinos in Pennsylvania provide mobile platforms that you can visit while relaxing in the comfort of your rooms.

Welcome to Penn’s Cave!

Over a century ago, this cavern was even used as an inn for travelers. Observing it now is an incredible experience.

The cave is obtainable only by boat, and once inside, you’ll be greeted by a dazzling display of stalactites and other cave gems that shimmer in the sunlight.

It’s a must-see in Pennsylvania, especially when paired with the park and farm.


It was 1894 when Milton S. Hershey founded the Hershey Chocolate Company, but he didn’t rest there. In addition to Hersheypark and ZooAmerica, he funded the Hershey Hotel and its chocolate-themed spa and the Milton Hershey School, which provided educational opportunities for low-income children in the area. Because of this, the town is named after him. On a free indoor trip on a Hershey’s Kiss-shaped car at Hershey’s Chocolate World or a visit to The Hershey Story Museum, you can learn about the first chocolate factory. Hershey’s isn’t just about chocolate, though. Hersheypark Stadium offers concerts, falconry demonstrations, and craft beer tastings. Hershey has so much to show that a weekend or more is required to experience it all.



Much more than just American history, the Keystone State has some of the best natural landscapes in the country, which provides infinite recreational opportunities for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Numerous architectural marvels and well-preserved Amish settlements can be found throughout the state. Make your next vacation the greatest ever by booking a stay at this fantastic location.

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