USA vs. Canada Recap: 2023 Gold Cup Quarterfinals


The USMNT impressively faced up against a North American rival and came out on top once again. Once the game began, though, there wasn’t much excitement, at least at the outset. Canada effectively gave up possession and failed to advance into the United States attacking third. When under little pressure, the United States national team frequently played the ball into Canadian defenders or missed passes.

This is how the events unfolded.

In the 33rd minute, the United States threatened with a corner kick after a surge into the area by DeJuan Jones. A free kick was awarded to Canada after they had worked their way down the USMNT’s right flank, but the American defense hung strong. In the 38th minute, the United States mounted an attempt on the Canadian goal after recycling play.

Canada attempted to disturb the match by committing an unsafe foul in the 41st minute when Lucas Cavallini was cautioned for catching Sands’s ankle from behind.

In the 47th minute, Canada’s most dangerous attack of the half occurred when US defender Bryan Reynolds mishandled a cross behind the Canadian defense. The United States got lucky and didn’t score a goal. In the 56th minute, the USMNT  had a free-kick opportunity within the box, but Ferreira’s weak, bouncing attempt was easily saved by St. Clair.

The USMNT started the second half by taking control of the ball once again. Jones was able to win a dangerous free kick at the left edge of the Canadian penalty area. Gressel made it into a good shot, but St. Clair blocked it with a blow.

Kamal Miller received a yellow card in the 57th minute for a foul committed by Canada on Busio near the top of the Canadian penalty area. From the free kick, Busio attempted to score, but the Canadian defense jumped to head the ball over the bar.

The USMNT finally broke through on the left side in the 61st minute after some excellent passing and dribbling, primarily by Ferreira. His through-ball to Zendejas resulted in a blocked and eventually cleared shot.

In the 68th minute, Gressel sent a cross into the box, but it went unanswered by an American player. The United States was able to get the ball back within the 18-yard box and locate Busio, who took a shot that was well stopped by St. Clair. The United States promptly bounced back after the restart.

Brandon Vazquez and Matt Miazga, both of FC Cincinnati, entered the game in the 73rd minute (for Mihailovic and Neal, each, to the pleasure of the home crowd).

Cade Cowell controlled an extended pass at the very top of the box in the 74th minute, but St. Clair collected it with ease. After only a minute, Cowell fed Vazquez near the edge of the box, but Vazquez’s shot went wide. In the 77th minute, Vazquez took another shot, but Gressel was far offside.

In the 85th minute, after the US pressured St. Clair into a careless transfer out of bounds, Cade Cowell took a shot, but his angle of attack was far too tight to be a real threat.

In the 86th minute, the USMNT was able to overload the box and locate Busio streaking down the left side. The Canadian defense, though, cleared the cross before the referee could call a foul on them. The US national team scored the game-winning goal. DeJuan Jones played a beautiful through ball to Brandon Vazquez, that curled all the way from the middle of the field. Vazquez scored a goal for his club team in their home stadium.

In the 94th minute, Canada scored when the United States national soccer team let up on the pressure. Jane Russell-Rowe and Canadian replacement Jacob Shaffelburg worked together to generate a scoring opportunity, but Russell-Rowe’s attempt went high and wide.

The USMNT regained possession in the 96th minute, but Canada cleared, and Cade Cowell was given a yellow card for an odd play. In the 97th minute, Vazquez attempted another header, but it was not enough to save extra time from being played.

The USMNT maintained its pressure. Jesus Ferreira attempted a header, and Cristian Roldan entered the game to inject some originality. A second major development in the United States followed. Matt Turner sent a long ball into the penalty area, and Busio was able to get a foot on it. Busio blasted it right at the goalie, who deflected it off his own goalie and back into the net. Scott Kennedy scores to tie the game at 2.

It’s a USMNT victory and definitely, Canada’s exit. The USMNT will play Panama in a semifinal match on July 12 in San Diego. Stay tuned!

Lucian Niculae
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