Trendy Topics and Crucial Things to Be Included in a Research Proposal

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Near the end of your degree program, you may decide to apply for a Ph.D. program. In most universities, you will be required to craft a well-written research proposal. This is simply a structured, formal document detailing what you are planning to research.

You must state why it’s worth researching your research topic and how you plan to carry out the process. This document convinces the supervisor, university or the committee that your topic is necessary and manageable. Let’s first see what all should be included in the research proposals.

Brainstorm concepts

By the time you are getting done with a college degree, you will have learned many concepts. Most of which can be implemented in the future, others in the implementation process and the rest that exist. After settling on a topic, you have to look for words and phrases that best fit your field of interest.

Brainstorming is not a single-day process. It takes time! That’s especially if you have pending tasks to do with your thesis. Writing a thesis needs a lot of attention to key details. Most college students face challenges balancing between writing a research proposal and a thesis. If you face writing or editing challenges, you can seek help from the research proposal writing service Writix. It’s one of the best sites used by university students to have their proposals written. Letting your work to the academic writing professionals on the Writix is a wise decision as they have ample time to do extensive research and deliver exactly what you want.

Do thorough background analysis

Where is the technology heading, and how is it influencing the field of your specialization? You have to do a lot of background analysis of the best topics of great interest. That’s knowing more about the field of your specialization. As a result, you will be able to develop a great topic for the research proposal.

Develop a general approach to the topic

There are different general approaches that you can implement when looking for a perfect topic. Focusing on a historical angle can be important, especially in a particular period. Here, you have to apply deductive reasoning to create a topic that will resonate well with the current trend.

Now that you are aware of the best tips for choosing research proposal topics, let’s dive into some of the trendy topics:

Renewable energy resources

Renewable energy resources are one of the trendy topics you can base your research proposal on. The effects of climate change due to fossil fuels can be felt in every sphere of the earth. Most of the effects are devastating, and coming up with a research proposal to save the world with renewable energy resources is a great idea.

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Waste management

Most countries in the world struggle to deal with waste. Given that the population of human beings on the earth is posing a threat to waste disposal management, you can develop your research on it. Show how your report will help in waste disposal management.


You have a lot to write about with politics in your research proposal. Do you wish to research the political instability in the middle east? What about the ineffectiveness of current political leaders? There is a lot that you can write about.


With democracy being ideal for most countries, there are a lot of topics that you can deduce from this field. Democracy is a big issue with the current leadership, especially when leaders try to impose restrictions on citizens aware of their rights.


With every business trying to outshine their competitor, the business has become one of the trendy topics for research proposal writing. You can base your research on several factors that influence marketing operations.

Crucial things to be included

Now that you have a topic to write about, you have to remember the key elements of the writing process. These are the crucial things that must be present in the research paper writing. And they include:

  • Title
  • The overview
  • The context
  • The questions
  • Methods of research
  • Importance of the research
  • References


Writing a research proposal usually takes a lot of time, and you have to be keen on the topics you will base your research on. They must be topics that resonate with what is happening in the current world. You are good to go with tips, trendy topics, and crucial things to include in the research proposal. Crucial things that should be included in the writing give an overview of the structure.

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