Top 10 TV Shows and Movies From Netflix and Prime Video Last Week

Source: Netflix

How many Halloween-themed titles can fit into the streaming charts? Well, the answer is yes, a lot of them!

Last week’s tops welcomed a few newbies alongside some beloved classics, but there were also some changes that we didn’t really expect. Let’s take the top 10 movies, for example, Terrifier ruled the first place, followed by Halloween, a horror classic that every connoisseur would say deserves all the best.

Top 10 movies in the United States last week (10/17– 10/23)

Source: JustWatch

Other titles included X, Scream, Barbarian, Halloween Ends (does it really?!), and Coraline (childhood favorite, isn’t it?!).

As for the TV shows that made it to the top last week, we’ve got quite the list! The Watcher landed first, followed by House of the Dragon, and long time no see, American Horror Story!

Top 10 TV Shows in the United States last week (10/17– 10/23)

Source: JustWatch

Other TV shows included the new hit series Interview with the Vampire, Rick and Morty, Documentary Now!, and Star Wars: Andor.

Get ready for more news on the latest TV show and movie tops soon!

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