The Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack Confirmed By New Leaks

As a new graphic suggests, The Sims 4: High School expansion may be nearing its formal announcement. In theory, the pack may be the next big content release for the game, following the Werewolves expansion that was published earlier this week.

In early June, the Werewolves Game Pack was unveiled, giving gamers a wealth of new information on werewolves. The pack has also created a new world called Moonwood Mill, where players can transform into werewolves. Players will be able to engage in lycanthrope-specific activities and form wolf packs as a result of the DLC. There’s a good chance the next pack of werewolves is already in the works.

On Twitter, The Henford Hen has confirmed that EA’s The Sims 4: High School DLC will be released, as previously disclosed in a vote. Apparently, a customer saw the aforementioned expansion and alerted the user to it. For now, it appears like the DLC pack will be released on July 27th, according to its official listing. The Sims 4: High School is not yet available for pre-order, despite the fact that it has a set pricing. There’s no word on what’s in the DLC, either. For the time being, the pack’s description is just a list of things you can do in The Sims 4. Although that varies somewhat from the official The Sims 4 DLC covers, the promotional artwork appears to be fan-made.

Regardless of whether or not the High School pack is real, players will have plenty to do this summer even if it isn’t. One of the coolest ways to die in The Sims 4 was brought back with the release of the Werewolves Game Pack and a tiny update. Players now have the ability to observe a meteorite approaching while looking through a newly introduced telescope item in the sky. The souls of Sims who have been killed by these cosmic objects will rot in their own chests for all time.

It’s possible the placeholder information for The Sims 4: High School may be replaced with official information because it’s available for purchase from a well-known retailer. If an online company had introduced a fully bogus expansion to its collection, it’s highly unlikely that they would have done so. Adding weight to the hypothesis is the fact that this isn’t the first time that the High School expansion has been leaked.

Susan Kowal
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