The 5 Best Ways to Beat Your GamStop Self-Exclusion

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After signing up with the GamStop self-exclusion scheme, you probably felt pretty good about yourself. It takes an honest and responsible person to stand up and admit they might have an online gambling issue. It takes an even bigger person to actually take steps like registering with GamStop to address their online gambling problem.

In the days after agreeing to your self-exclusion, you’ll have time to assess how you really feel about whether or not you have an online gambling problem. If you believe you do, joining GamStop was the right decision. You should accept your self-exclusion and reassess where things are when the self-exclusion period ends.

If you come to the realisation you might have acted hastily when you registered with GamStop, you are going to find yourself in a quandary. GamStop offers no flexibility. Once you are in, you are in until your self-exclusion expires.

What to Do If You Still Want to Gamble After Registering With GamStop

As you contemplate how you might want to start gambling again in spite of your GamStop exclusion, you’ll be happy to learn you do have options. Of course, some options are better than others. Essentially, you’ll be able to consider any options that have no ties to the GamStop self-exclusion scheme.

While there are a lot of ways to “skin” the GamStop cat, you should be looking for options that are convenient and reliable. With this in mind, here are the 5 best ways to beat your GamStop self-exclusion.

1. Take your online gambling activities into other jurisdictions

The ultimate way to get around or avoid GamStop with NonGamStopOdds is to simply start gambling through online gambling sites that are operating offshore from the UK.

Are offshore gambling operators safe and reliable? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, some of the very best online casinos and sportsbooks operate out of other jurisdictions. They operate under licences and the regulations of top regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the Isle of Man.

Rest assured, most European online gambling operators are more than happy to accept UK gamblers. In fact, many of them will actually market to UK gamblers. The only caveat might be that UK gamblers might have to use a VPN to gain access to gambling sites in some countries.

2. Avoid exposing your identity by using Bitcoin as your primary banking method

One of the things crypto users like about using crypto as a means of exchange is blockchain technology protects their identities. This is done through the process of assigning transaction code to track transactions without the need to know who sent and who received the money.

In the online gambling world, this is a great banking option for gamblers who want or need to avoid scrutiny. That includes GamStop blocked gamblers who want to gamble before their self-exclusion ends.

If you are willing to use Bitcoin as your banking method of choice, you’ll have two possible ways to get around GamStop. First, there are licensed UK gambling sites that will forgo account verification processes if new gamblers only use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. Second, Bitcoin-only casinos basically bypass the account verification process altogether.

3. Ask a friend or relative to sponsor a gambling account on your behalf

If you are committed to using a favourite licensed UK gambling site, you’ll have to think outside of the box a little. One of the things you might consider is talking to a friend or relative with whom you have mutual trust. If they would be willing to open a gambling account in their names on your behalf, there is nothing illegal about you using the account for your own online gambling activities.

This is very important. You don’t ever want to open a gambling account under a false identity. That’s fraud. Also, it’s okay to partner with friends and relatives as long as you have their permission to use their identities.

4. Locate and register with licensed UK online gambling sites with weak account verification protocols

Some online casinos operate loosely. That means they don’t always follow rules, including their own rules. If you were to get word that a licensed UK online gambling operator makes little to no effort to verify the information related to new gamblers, there is a chance they won’t check your GamStop status. There is a chance they will do this in spite of the fact they are GamStop members with access to the GamStop database.

5. Use UK non-GamStop gambling sites

If you wish to remain loyal to the UK online gambling community, you can avoid GamStop gambling sites. You can do this by simply using non-GamStop alternatives that are offering online gambling services from within the boundaries of the UK.

With this option, you might run into licensed online gambling operators that have simply chosen to avoid GamStop membership. More likely, you’ll encounter unlicensed UK online gambling operators that aren’t permitted to subscribe to the GamStop scheme. With this latter option, you’ll want to be careful to avoid rogue operators that simply hate rules that will interfere with their ability to cheat.

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