Star Citizen: Check Out the Official Launch Trailer for the ‘Alpha 3.17 Fueling Fortunes’ Update


If you’re also interested in exploration and combats in space, you should keep in mind that the Star Citizen game is out there waiting for you to try it out. The visuals are at an incredible level, and they prove once again that gaming can be both fun and educative at the same time.

Who never wanted to learn more about the Universe? Who never dreamed of flying among the stars and planets? In Star Citizen, you get that chance, and the game has just become even better than expected.

The ‘Alpha 3.17 Fueling Fortunes’ update is available

A lot of folks were eager for the ‘Alpha 3.17 Fueling Fortunes’ update to become available for Star Citizen, as they knew that it’s preparing some exciting new stuff. That day finally came, and there’s a new official launch trailer to prove it:

The update’s description, as quoted from IGN’s YouTube channel, sounds like this:

The Star Citizen: Alpha 3.17 Fueling Fortunes update is available now. Check out the trailer to see what to expect with the Fueling Fortunes update, which expands economic and career opportunities available to pilots, bringing new locations, tools, and the new Hull A – the entry-level ship in the MISC Hull lineup of cargo-hauling vessels. The update also features new and improved ways to earn credits with the addition of ship-to-ship refueling and more.

If you’re also a fan of sci-fi movies showing the world invaded by aliens, you’re in luck! Playing Star Citizen might train you for such encounters, although they’re most probably nothing else than sci-fi scenarios.

There are also plenty of alternatives to Star Citizen, meaning other games where you can explore the heavens. Feel free to tell us which one is your favorite or if Star Citizen is all you ever wanted from such a video game!


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