Spotify Prepares Lossless Streaming, But There’s a Catch

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One of the biggest complaints that Spotify users have is that the famous app lacks enough quality for music streaming compared to other competing software such as Tidal or Apple Music. Spotify prepares to change that soon by introducing a lossless tier streaming service known as “Spotify HiFi.”

According to Bloomberg, Spotify might finally be ready to launch its HiFi program, and as GSMArena has discovered. But as you might expect, you’ll need to pay a higher subscription fee to get your hands on such a plan from Spotify. At this point, nobody knows how much Spotify’s HiFi program will cost, but we can definitely take a guess by looking at the competing apps.

Are you ready for ‘Supremium?’

To gain access to a lossless catalog of songs, you can submit a subscription fee of $11 per month to Apple Music. You can use that app even though you don’t have an iPhone or other iOS device, as it’s available for Android users as well. If you’re a student, Apple will even provide you with a discount, as you’ll only have to pay $6 per month.

Amazon Music Unlimited also has a nice offer that includes lossless streaming for music. You can have access to such services by paying a monthly fee of $11 or $9 if you’re a Prime user.

Spotify’s upcoming lossless streaming plan might be called Supremium. Currently, the platform charges its users $9.99 per month for music streaming that’s way below HiFi quality.

In other words, surely many Spotify users will be happy that the platform is bringing lossless streaming. When exactly that will happen is still unknown, but keep an eye on our latest news to find out! However, the fact that the service will cost users more money isn’t that exciting anymore.

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