Spooky Delights: Game Hollywood’s Halloween Bonanza

This Halloween, Game Hollywood is all set to cast a spell of entertainment on its gaming community, unveiling a realm of spine-chilling festivities that will surely keep the gaming spirits soaring high. With a cauldron full of in-game rewards, fresh gaming titles, and a platform-wide Halloween event, the thrill is just getting started. Let’s venture into the eerie celebration that awaits.

Game Hollywood’s Halloween Extravaganza

The ghastly festivity is taking over Game Hollywood, presenting a revamped Halloween page where players are welcomed with a fresh, eerie ambiance, free codes, and generous daily log-in rewards. The excitement spirals as a Halloween costume design contest kicks in, inviting all creative souls to design a spooky attire for the lovable mascot, Chippy, with tempting rewards in the offing. That’s not all! Engage in crossover events between popular games to snatch $20 reward vouchers, and immerse in a host of other spine-tingling activities.

Unveiling New Gaming Horizons


March into the cartoon apocalypse with the new entrant in the zombie game genre, Zombie-geddon. The game throws a challenge to unearth epic equipment to fend off the cannibalistic hordes, promising deep adventure, customization, and a relentless zombie menace. Don’t miss out on this chilling challenge!

Be the Richest

Steering slightly away from the Halloween theme yet offering an equally engaging experience, Be the Richest invites players to an entrepreneurial adventure. With a casual idle H5 game setting intertwined with strategic elements, players will delve into wise investing to climb the ladder of business tycoon status. This game is sure to test and tickle your business acumen.

Spooky In-game Events

Game Hollywood has decked its array of games with Halloween-themed events, unfolding a ghostly paradise full of scares and rewards. Here are a few highlights:

  • Dark Odyssey – The Halloween Collection: From October 29 to November 4, defeat bosses to acquire Magic Chests filled with Witch Hats, Witch Brooms, and Pumpkin Treasure Chests, which can be traded for other enticing rewards.
  • Dragon Awaken – Awaken the Halloween Spirit: Between October 27 and November 1, partake in the Halloween Carnival to collect Pumpkin Lanterns and exclusive Halloween items like Magic Sceptre, Magic Robe, and Magic Badge.
  • League of Angels: Pact : From October 29 to November 1, enjoy daily Halloween treats, and challenge bosses to earn Magic Candies and Magic Brooms that can be exchanged for rare items.

Crossover Event: Dark Odyssey x Dragon Awaken

Marking an epic crossover, the fantasy realms of Dark Odyssey and Dragon Awaken collide in a grand event from October 27 to November 14. Seize the chance to earn up to 6,000 points and redeem a $20 voucher for the gift shop.

Connect with Game Hollywood

For media outlets keen on covering this thrilling news, a media kit along with game press releases can be found on our website. Players and press can further explore the Halloween galore on GameHollywood.com, Facebook page, and Discord channel. Your spine-tingling adventure awaits!

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.