Snapchat Version Beta Improves The App’s Reliability

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps of all time.

When you look at Snapchat from a distance, it doesn’t sound like too much of an interesting proposition – At first glance, it’s just another app for instant messaging and posting stories.

However, Snapchat is more than that – it allows users to chat more securely, as messages are deleted automatically after some time. That is convenient if you send a risky text that you don’t want to see later or if you just want to avoid spam.

The self-delete feature made Snapchat the go-to instant messaging app for numerous people.

Snapchat’s stories are also very well structured in their custom category, making browsing them a lot easier and more convenient.

The map feature on Snapchat can let you know where your friends are at all times, which is particularly useful.

With Snapchat, sending pictures to a friend on a daily basis results in a streak ( the small fires next to someone’s name, alongside a number ).

It became the norm to make streaks with the people you like, which is why we encourage you to try and surpass your streak record with your friends!

Current Version

Snapchat is an app like any other app, which means that it requires updates every now and then to work properly.

It has just reached version

The patch notes to the new update are mysterious as always, mentioning only:

“Bug fixes and improvements! 👻”

Though the patch notes are fairly minimalistic, we can assure you that the new update is very important for the app’s wellbeing.

Each new update tweaks the app so that it works as flawlessly as possible on your device.

Developing and supporting an Android app is no easy task, as Android is an operating system running on hundreds of millions of devices across the world, meaning that constant care is required for optimal performance.

We highly suggest that you install the new update as soon as possible to benefit from top-notch performance.

Tonia Nissen
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