Samsung Unveils 200MP Phone Sensor


Who doesn’t want more powerful camera sensors for their phones? Taking pictures represents, perhaps, the main reason why people buy a smartphone nowadays, whether we like to admit it or not.

Samsung Electronics has a new idea when it comes to powerful and slim phones. That idea goes by the name of ISOCELL HP3, a camera sensor of 200MP and of only 1/1.4-inches in size. The South Korean giant just unveiled its new camera sensor, according to Engadget.

Big features in a small sensor

The new ISOCELL HP3 sensor has some amazing features for a sensor so small. Despite having the 200MP resolution, there’s also multi-gain ISO to achieve maximum dynamic range, autofocus, and more. The sensor will enter mass production at some point this year, so there’s plenty more to wait until we see it mounted on the first phones.

ISOCELL HP3 offers support for 4 trillion colors due to 14-bit color depth. Samsung even says that the sensor features the smallest pixels, measuring 0.56 microns. As expected, there’s also 8K video recording capability at 30fps, as well as 4K at 120fps.

JoonSeo Yim, who’s Executive Vice President of Sensor Business Team at Samsung, explained as Samsung Newsroom quotes:

Samsung has continuously led the image sensor market trend through its technology leadership in high resolution sensors with the smallest pixels,

With our latest and upgraded 0.56μm 200MP ISOCELL HP3, Samsung will push on to deliver epic resolutions beyond professional levels for smartphone camera users.

Currently, Samsung’s most powerful smartphone is arguably the Galaxy S22 5G model that was released back in February. By comparison, its main camera setup has only 50MP, which means that we can imagine how the new ISOCELL HP3 will look mounted on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S23 is rumored to arrive next year, so maybe it will be featuring the company’s new camera sensor!

Cristian Antonescu
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