Samsung Phones Receive Google Cast Support

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Chromecast empowers users to effortlessly stream movies, TV shows, and cherished memories captured in photos, originating from Cast-enabled apps on a multitude of devices such as Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows computers, Macs, as well as Chromebooks. This technology even grants users the ability to cast entire websites or specific tabs, making it an all-inclusive and seamless media experience.

Android Police reveals that there are indications that Samsung may be broadening its horizons by extending built-in screen mirroring support to encompass more TVs, including those equipped with Google Cast. This exciting development was uncovered within a hidden labs section of Samsung’s Smart View. Although not yet officially released to the public, developers already have access to it, and even regular users can activate this functionality with a few straightforward steps.

Samsung phones must have One UI 5.1

However, there are some prerequisites for the new feature to work: the Samsung phones must be operating on the latest One UI 5.1, which is available skinned on Android 13 OS.

Suppose the prospect intrigues you; in such a case, an enticing path awaits to unlock the potential of Google Cast on your Samsung device. All you need is to carefully follow these steps:

  1. Unveil the quick settings by accessing the dropdown menu.
  2. Select the Screen View option.
  3. Discover a trio of vertical dots beckoning for more settings; heed their call and select About Smart View.
  4. Initiate the mystical sequence by selecting the Smart View option a wondrous ten times, thus awakening its hidden developer mode.
  5. When prompted for a secret code, you need to impart the enchanting combination: #00rtsp00.
  6. Finally, with a mere flick, activate Google Cast, and watch as new possibilities unfurl before you.

Additionally, it remains uncertain whether the expanded support will be available on other Samsung models except for the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy Z Flip 4, which means that only time will tell for sure.

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