Samsung Galaxy A53 Receives the Image Clipper Tool

Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A53 debuted last year, and it rapidly became clear that it was one of the South Korean giant’s best midrange phones. The Samsung Galaxy S23, on the other hand, is Samsung’s flagship for 2023, and for good reasons. One of the most interesting features of the flagship series is represented by the Image Clipper Tool.

If you’re planning to be back on track with photography, the Image Clipper Tool of the Samsung Galaxy S23 can help you. The tool stands out for its power to remove a photo’s background. This will separate the subject and provide help for those situations when you don’t want others to know that you’re not a fan of cleaning your room, for instance.

Samsung is rolling out a new update for A53 containing the Image Clipper Tool

According to SamMobile, the Image Clipper Tool is now expanded by Samsung to its midrange devices from the A series. As a result, the Galaxy A53 device is also getting it. The firmware version of the update is A536BXXU5CWD1, and if you’re among those who use a Samsung Galaxy A53, the best option is to have some patience and wait for the update to arrive while keeping your phone connected to a WiFi network. It might take some time until the new Image Clipper Tool arrives for everyone.

The Image Clipper Tool has debuted along with the release of the One UI 5.1 update. If you live in Europe and you have an A53 at home, you should be among the first users who will get their hands on the new update. If you’ve been through thick and thin with your Samsung Galaxy A53, congrats! It means that the wait is almost over, as you can also check the Settings menu to see if the update has arrived.

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