RFK Jr. Calls Crypto The Best Hedge Against Inflation

According to the latest reports, the Presidential candidate continues his support for crypto. Check out the latest reports about what JFK Jr has to say.

RFK Jr. continues crypto support

2024 US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called cryptocurrency the “best hedge against inflation.”

Kennedy reiterated his support for the digital asset market on X (previously known as Twitter). He emphasized the importance of the asset in taking “control away from the government” and the banking system.

It is also worth noting that RFK Jr. called the asset class an “off-ramp for our addiction to the Federal Reserve.”

Finally, the Presidential hopeful closed the post by saying, “Crypto equals freedom,” solidifying the role that the industry would have in his overarching campaign heading into the critical election year, according to the latest reports coming from Watcher Guru.

Here is the opinion that he shared via X:

“Cryptocurrency is the off-ramp for our addiction to the Federal Reserve. It’s the best hedge against inflation. And it takes control away from the government and from the monopolistic banking system, which uses money printing to shift wealth upward to the oligarchy of billionaires while impoverishing regular Americans. If you agree that crypto equals freedom, help me advance that vision as President.”

More enthusiasts commented that Bitcoin is the most important digital asset out there, and what he has to say applies to Bitcoin and not other digital assets.

Generally, commenters showed their massive support for the Presidential candidate on X. Stay tuned for more details.

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