Resetting Your Schlage Keypad Lock Has Never Been So Easy; Here’s How to Do It Without Code


If you have encountered an issue with your Schlage Keypad Lock, there is no need for you to be concerned. We’ve got you covered! Also, if you are seeking advice that will assist you in resetting your Schlage keypad lock without the use of a code, well, that’s probably the easiest to do. We came up with a smart mini-guide on how to carry out the task at hand, which contains a number of essential facts and other information, as well as some recommendations.

How to Reset Your Schlage Keypad Lock If You Forgot Your Code

To reset a Schlage Keypad Lock, you won’t need any code, which is a fantastic feature, right? It is great, and the fact that it is simple to repair anything merely ensures that your time spent on it will be well spent.

To reset your Schlage Keypad Lock (even if you’ve forgotten the code), follow the procedures below:

1. Remove the battery cover and slide it up; next, detach the battery when it has been removed.
2. Activate the Schlage by pressing and releasing the button.
3. Attach the battery to its terminals; depress and maintain pressure on the Schlage button until the indicator light changes to green and the lock beeps (10 seconds)
4. In order to determine whether or not the reset was successful, you will need to input one of the four-digit user codes and watch to observe if the bolt swings; the reset was completed without any problems.

Take note that the Schlage Connect, Schlage Sense Deadbolt, and Schlage Encode may not be compatible with this way of resetting. The following procedures need to be taken in order to reset your Schlage Connect Deadbolt:

1. To remove the battery cover, slide it up into the raised position; next, take the batteries out of the device.
2. Depress and hold the button located on the exterior of the door.
3. Reconnect the batteries while you are still holding the Schlage button; next, let go of the button when you are through. This will cause the lock to be reset.
4. After pressing the Schlage button located on the exterior of the door, you will need to input a User Code consisting of four digits to verify that the resetting process was successful; next, the bolt should move, which indicates that the reset was effective.

It will not be possible for you to reset the lock if you are locked out, which means that you are unable to reach the inner assembly of the lock. If this is the case, you will need to attempt unlocking the door using a real key and then resetting the lock after you have gained access to the interior assembly.

Repairing your Schlage was not too difficult. What about some other things that you might be interested in trying out?

Modify the Default Programming Code (6 Digits Long)

In most cases, Schlage keypad locks are sold with a default 6-digit Programming Code pre-installed. It’s possible that you changed the code in the past, but resetting the lock will bring it back to its original Programming Code, so you’ll need to change it again in order to keep your information secure.

In most cases, the code is written on a white sticker, which may be found in the user manual as well as on the rear of the keypad unit (although this will need you to remove the lock from the door).

If you want to successfully modify the 6-digit default code, follow this mini-guide:

1. Type the default Programming Code (six numbers), and wait for the Schlage button to illuminate three orange lights, which will be followed by three beeps; next, you need to push the Schlage button.
2. Using the keypad, press the number 3 key, and then wait for the Schlage button to display three orange lights, which will be followed by three beeps.
3. After entering a new six-digit Programming Code, wait for the Schlage button to flash orange three times, and then listen for three beeps to complete the process.
4. In order to finish the procedure, you will need to re-enter the updated Programming Code. After a single lengthy beep and a green light to illuminate the Schlage button, you will know that the Programming Code has been correctly updated when you do so.

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