PS6 Release Date: When Can We Expect The Launch Of The Next PlayStation?

Credit: Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

Even though the PS5 has only just been introduced and isn’t yet widely accessible, we’re already daydreaming about how great the PS6 will be when it arrives. As long as we’re looking forward, there’s no harm in speculating about the anticipated release date of the PlayStation 6. PS6, PS7, and PS8 are already protected by the Japanese company’s trademarks, so this is nothing more than wishful thinking on our part.

To be honest, it will be a while until PlayStation 6 is out. We’ll have to wait at least another five to six years, but we won’t stop speculating. For the time being, we can only go off on Sony’s past and a few statements. After all, the company recently unveiled its biggest hit yet and will be concentrating all of its efforts on it.

Release date & price

Sony’s next console, the PS6, won’t be available until at least 2026. If there isn’t another scarcity of semiconductor chips, the PS6 should cost between $500 and $600. PlayStation 5 was launched in November 2020, therefore Sony has a long time before they even think of making the PS6. According to market patterns, the gap between PS5 and PS6 will be six to seven years, which is typical for Sony systems.

This information was also confirmed by Masayasu Ito, Sony Executive VP of Hardware Engineering:

 Indeed, in the past, the cycle for a new platform was seven to 10 years, but in view of the very rapid development and evolution of technology, it’s really a six to seven-year platform cycle.

In the meanwhile, these are all just guesses; the actual release date hasn’t yet been revealed. If Sony can keep the consoles a secret for as long as possible, they normally do. Until the PS5’s official announcement, there were no reliable leaks concerning the new console.

In the near future, we may expect the next PlayStation system to be released in 2026 or at the earliest in 2027. Our wait for the new PlayStation from Sony will be lengthy. So if you’re hanging out for the new generation of PlayStations to arrive in the next year or so, don’t do it. It’s always fascinating to speculate about where the game industry may be in the future, particularly in light of the rapidly evolving technology. Right now it is all about Ray Tracing and the Unreal Engine. Who knows what other technological marvels may be available with the arrival of the PlayStation 6.

Susan Kowal
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