Pokemon Go’s Spotlight Hour is Coming Soon: Date, Bonus, and More

The fourth Spotlight Hour of March will air soon in Pokemon Go. The limited-timed event will celebrate Hoenn’s Surskit.

This month, Pokemon Go welcomed the Season of Legends to highlight Pokemon across the franchise’s 25-year history. For the new Spotlight Hour, Niantic will celebrate the beloved Ruby & Sapphire’s Surskit. 

Get ready for new features, bonuses, and maybe a shiny ‘mon!

Here is what you need to know.

New Spotlight Hour Release Date

As far as the tradition goes, every Tuesday, we get a new Spotlight Hour, and tomorrow is no exception! For 60 minutes, we’ll celebrate a single ‘mon and grab some sweet bonuses.

On March 23, from 6 PM until 7 PM (local time), the new limited-time event will feature the all-cute and lovely Pokemon, Surskit. And if you’re looking to boost your Trainer level, now is your chance to get some XP with this week’s mystery hour!

Spotlight Hour’s Bonus and Other Details

For the new Spotlight Hour, we’ll be able to score some sweet 2x XP bonus! Such a thing doubles the fun, especially for those who want to level up.

Back in December, Niantic came up with a new Trainer level cap strategy, upgrading it from 40 to 50. 

If you want to score maximum points, it’s better to try using a Lucky Egg for double XP!

Is There Going to Be a Shiny Surskit?

With Surskit getting its special Spotlight Hour, we’ll also expect to make its Shiny debut. 

Unfortunately, no. Surskit won’t get the chance this time to have its rare alternate version. 

Such news is pretty disappointing, especially because Surskit debuted back in 2018 as a Water/Bug-type ‘mon.

Now, we all expect the Ruby&Sapphire Pokemon to get a second form. But, until official confirmation, we can be sure of anything.

It’s better to take some things with a pinch of salt!


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