Pokemon Go August Community Day: Getting Sylveon Becomes Easier Than Ever

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Sylveon is one of the evolved forms of Eevee, that cute and apparently harmless Pokemon that managed to defeat the mighty Pikachu under Gary Oak’s guidance. During that battle from the anime between Ash and his long rival Gary, the fans had a pretty good idea of how amazingly strong an Eevee can become.

But an Eevee like the one that Gary once had can become even a lot stronger when it evolves into Sylveon, the Fairy-type Pokemon introduced in Generation VI. However, Gary’s Eevee evolved into Umbreon in the anime. According to GameSpot.com, the August Community Day of Pokemon GO will have Eevee as the star of the show, and the number of hearts needed for the evolution into Sylveon will be drastically reduced for the event.

Get ready for August 14 and 15!

The upcoming Pokemon GO August Community Day will take place on August 14 and 15, meaning that you should start preparing ASAP if you’re a true Pokemon master! You’ll get more chances to get your hands on some Shiny Eevee evolutions! The cute little Pokemon will start appearing more often in the wild than usual, meaning more chances for you to find a Shiny. If you evolve any Shiny Eevee, it will retain its Shiny coloration.

Evolving any Eevee between August 13 and 16 will automatically develop these attacks of its evolution forms:

– Vaporeon – Scald
– Jolteon – Zap Cannon
– Flareon – Superpower
– Espeon – Shadow Ball
– Umbreon – Psychic
– Leafeon – Bullet Seed
– Glaceon – Water Pulse
– Sylveon – Psyshock

Furthermore, if you want to get Sylveon, you’ll only need seven buddy hearts for August’s Community Day. Typically, ten times more hearts are needed (literally speaking) to get the fairy Pokemon.

When hunting, Sylveon is known to swirl its feelers as a distraction while he uses his aura to weaken feelings of hostility in the prey.


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