New PlayStation Handheld Could Be Released Soon With These Features

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The PlayStation Project Q, which is now officially known as the PlayStation Portal, will be coming out later this year featuring some cool specs, according to Sony. Just imagine the way you can transport the PlayStation 5 experience right into the palm of your hand with the PlayStation Portal remote player! Amazing! A number of the most important features of the DualSense wireless controller are included in this product, such as haptic feedback and adjustable triggers.

Find out more about the new Sony Handheld device below.

Back in May, we got to see the first glimpse of Sony’s new handheld, along with their first wireless earphones. By utilizing Sony’s recently developed PlayStation Link wireless technology, both Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore are able to offer lossless audio with minimal latency from the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Portal. How impressive!

Later this year, the PlayStation Portal remote player will be available for purchase at a price of 199.99 USD. When the PlayStation Portal pre-orders will start, we will most certainly have additional information to share with you very soon. 

How does the brand-new Sony PlayStation handheld make it such a wonderful device?

The PlayStation Portal is the ideal gadget for gamers who need to share the TV in the living room or wish to play PlayStation 5 games in a different part of the house. Through the use of Wi-Fi, PlayStation Portal will set up a remote connection to your PlayStation 5, allowing you to seamlessly transition from playing on your PS5 to playing on your PlayStation Portal. Using the Dualsense controller, PlayStation Portal is able to play games that are compatible with the PlayStation 5 system that is loaded on the console. 

A high-definition visual experience is provided by the colorful 8-inch LCD screen, which is able to deliver 1080p resolution at 60 frames/ second. This is the kind of experience that is anticipated from games of the highest quality that are developed by world-class creators. Additionally, it comes with a 3.5mm audio port for wired audio connections. PlayStation VR2 games, which include games that need the headset, as well as games that are delivered via the cloud streaming feature of PlayStation Plus Premium, are not supported. 

What do you expect from Sony’s new handheld? 

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