New Mega Evolutions For Pokemon Go Have Been Leaked – What to Expect

Pokemon Go will soon introduce a bunch of new Mega Evolutions, as per a new leak. Dataminers have revealed over 25 new possible Mega Evolution that could soon arrive in the game.

From beloved ‘mon like Garchomp, Mewtwo to Alakazam, we might get their most powerful forms in Pokemon Go in the coming weeks. Mega Evolutions have been a blast ever since they aired back in 2020. Curious about the new Pokemon and their insanely sleek alternate version?

Here is what you need to know.

New Mega Evolutions Leaked

We know for sure that Niantic will introduce extra Mega Evolutions soon to Pokemon Go, so there’s no secret anymore. But a new leak offers us quite a glimpse into what the new collection of Mega Evolutions might look like. 

PokeMiners, one of the most reliable and popular dataminers out there, recently revealed that they found 10 new Pokemon with Mega Evolutions. They also posted the complete list on their official Twitter account, and by the looks of it, we’re going to be very lucky soon!

The list includes:

  • Aerodactyl;
  • Sableye;
  • Kangaskhan;
  • Mawilee;
  • Mewtwo Y;
  • Mewtwo X;
  • Sharpedo;
  • Pinsir;
  • Banette;
  • Rayquaza.

The new collection of Mega Evolution sure does look like a lot of fun! But what if we tell you there’s more?

More Mega Evolutions Leaked

PokeMiners have announced that they discovered an additional 15 Pokemon that might get their Mega skills, too. How cool is this?

Now, the complete list includes:

  • Swampert;
  • Heracross;
  • Alakazam;
  • Scizor;
  • Sceptile;
  • Garchomp;
  • Altaria;
  • Gardevoir;
  • Latias;
  • Tyranitar;
  • Medicham;
  • Absol;
  • Latios;
  • Audino;
  • Lucario.

With that 25 possibly Mega Evolutions set to arrive, Pokemon Go is just one step away from the total amount of Pokemon that have the Gen VI form.

Remember that all these Mega Evolutions have been leaked. Niantic didn’t confirm anything yet, so it’s better if we take everything with a pinch of salt.



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