New GTA Could End Up Being Released on Netflix Games Platform

Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

Another day, another rumor about Grand Theft Auto that we can’t ignore! According to recent speculation from the Wall Street Journal, Netflix and Rockstar Games are now in discussions over the possibility of releasing a Grand Theft Auto game on Netflix’s platform. You must admit that you were completely caught off guard by that, right? Find out more about the possibility of a Grand Theft Auto game appearing on the Netflix Games platform by reading the following info.

The popular video game Grand Theft Auto might soon be available to play through Netflix Games, the online gaming service provided by the media streaming behemoth. There is still a need for more information regarding the potential Grand Theft Auto game that will be available on Netflix; moreover, it has been made clear that it is not going to be a prequel of the next Grand Theft Auto 6. Also, it is still being determined who will be responsible for the development of the game for Netflix. However, let’s picture this: The inclusion of a well-known property such as Grand Theft Auto to Netflix’s gaming service might result in the service gaining a wider audience and increasing in popularity. Such a strategy is in line with Netflix’s aim to broaden its content portfolio and appeal to the expanding gaming community, both of which are goals it has set for itself.

Two years ago, we saw the launch of Netflix Games, which began offering video games via streaming for a monthly fee. The game collection has been expanded with dozens of new games; nonetheless, the platform has yet to acquire substantial popularity despite its availability. Therefore, it will be fascinating to observe how the discussions develop and whether or not Netflix and the giant gaming Rockstar Games company are able to come to an agreement over a licensing arrangement.

A recent announcement made by Netflix detailed its intentions to bring the gaming service to Mac and PC, in addition to iOS and Android devices. Neat!

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