iPhone 15 Pro Max Could Feature Sony’s 1-inch Camera, As Per New Leaks

Credit: Phone Arena

The iPhone 15 series might be far from its big release, but the rumor mill is creating quite the buzz about the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s camera! I mean, let’s face it and try not to raise the bar too high: the camera resolution won’t change anytime soon since it took Apple seven years to boost the megapixel count of the primary iPhone sensor. Yes, that was the thing! However, the tech giant based in Cupertino will make additional upgrades, and a recent rumor claims that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s primary camera will have a far superior 48MP sensor than the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s. What could it be, you ask?!

Thanks to reliable leaker Ice Universe, we get a glimpse of what the main camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be like. Remember that all the following details are leaks! The tipster claims that the next-gen iPhone 15 Pro Max could get a new Sony sensor, the IMX903 one. To recall, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the Sony IMX803 48MP sensor.

What are your thoughts about this?

Check out what IceUniverse posted on Twitter:

There are already a few Android phones released recently with 1-inch sensors, and they have been shown to pose a significant threat to top camera smartphones that rely on high-megapixel sensors and computational photography. So, seeing Apple bring such a camera feature to its iPhone 15 Pro Max, it’s not that bad, considering rivalries exist!

How different the Sony sensors, actually are?!

The IMX903 has a 1/1.14-inch sensor, but the camera in the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 1/1.28-inch sensor. This is definitely one of the main differences between the two Sony sensors. In theory, larger sensors outperform smaller ones because they can capture more light and finer details.

Discussing other camera details on the future iPhone 15 series, it is believed that a new periscope camera with a 6x optical zoom is also very likely to be included in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The 3x telephoto camera on the iPhone 15 Pro will likely remain the same as the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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