Hogwarts Legacy: New Trailer Reveals Combat Style

Credit: Hogwarts Legacy

A new gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy was published this afternoon, and in it, developer Avalanche Software gave fans their first look at the game’s fighting. Fans who were concerned that the graphics would take precedence over the gameplay can likely put those worries to rest now that it has been announced that there will be over 20 spells to unlock and utilize both in the open world and in combat in a variety of complex and colorful ways. In addition, there was a comprehensive look at the character creation tool that the game offers, and viewers were taken on a tour through one of the most accurate recreations of Hogwarts that has been created to date.

An illustration of the how early-game fighting may play out in Hogwarts Legacy was demonstrated by Avalanche Software using a developer build for the PlayStation 5. The majority of the fights will revolve around casting a series of specific spells in quick succession in order to create a window of opportunity for casting more offensive spells. In Hogwarts Legacy, you and your opponents, such as Dark Wizards, will each have access to the Protego spell, which creates a defense shield against incoming blows. Nevertheless, shields will have different colors. Breaking a shield and stunning an opponent while giving yourself an advantage is possible if you cast a spell with the same color as the shield.

The character-customization tool, which offered a selection of hundreds of different options, was also demonstrated in the trailer. The developers highlighted their intention in the video to provide users the ability to recreate themselves or any character they design in an accurate manner so that they can have their own unique experience while exploring Hogwarts.

In addition, various sections of Hogwarts were displayed at various points throughout the video. Each portion of Hogwarts has its own distinct atmosphere, and the design of the castle incorporates aspects from the Harry Potter books, like as the hourglasses in the Housepoint Common Room and the doors to the Hufflepuff Common Room. Fans might also be pleased to learn that Peeves, the well-liked prankster, is once again active and can be found roaming the corridors of the castle.

Susan Kowal
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