High Chances for U.K. Authorities to Issue Vaccine Mandates

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The U.K. has developed several strategies to stop the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The cold season is slowly approaching Europe, and concerns are that the highly contagious Delta variant and the flu season will create a double pandemic. Vaccine mandates could soon become part of the U.K.’s strategy to avoid a new infection wave.

What are the reasons behind a vaccine mandate approach in the U.K.?

According to different sources, the U.K. Government would be under a lot of pressure, and it might be hard to manage a new surge in daily infections. Back in June, authorities decided to make vaccine mandated mandatory for care home workers. Other European countries such as France or Italy have already issued several vaccine mandates.

More than 80% of adults in the U.K. have been fully vaccinated, and daily Covid-19 related deaths are around 141. Under the circumstances, the British Government might have to prepare a plan B if the number of daily infections continues to surge.

U.K.’s Health Secretary might create stricter rules

Saijid Javid, UK’s Health Secretary, is already considering adding stricter rules to prepare the country for the cold season. The NHS system has been under pressure due to the pandemic, and staff is tired and overwhelmed. He declared for the media that it might become a reality for NHS staff to be required full vaccination in order to protect patients and those around them.

Vaccination against the Covid-19 infection might not be the only requirement. As the flu season approaches, flu jabs might also be made mandatory. Other measures could be the use of masks in certain places and remote working where possible. The changes will not be enforced from one day to another, but new restrictions might soon be implemented.

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