Gynecologist Creates First Unisex Condom

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A Malaesian gynecologist created the first unisex condom made from polyurethane. This material is transparent, thin, flexible, and waterproof. The unisex condom attaches to the vagina or the penis because it has an adhesive feature on its side. The condom can be reversed and used by both men and women.


The unisex condom passed several clinical trials 


The developer of the product, Dr. Tang, declared for a news outlet that the clinical trials showed optimistic results. The first unisex condom, known under the name of Wondalead Unisex Condom, will be available in December on the Twin Catalyst official website. The price would be around $3.61 for a package containing two condoms. The difference between this condom and the regular ones available in stores is that the Wondalead Unisex Condom has an adhesive covering on one side of the condom, making it easy to attach to the vagina or penis. 


Because the condom is thin and flexible, its inventor says it is easy to use, and it will help control and stop the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. The company tweeted the great news and commented that the condoms do not come in sizes.



Contraceptive methods available on the market


As science progresses, more contraceptive devices become available on the market. Most of us are familiar with a couple of them, such as condoms, contraceptive pills, and IUDs. However, last year the FDA approved the first non-hormonal birth control gel, the Phexxi. This prescription birth control gel can be recommended after a visit to the gynecologist. This gel can be used only when necessary, making it easier than contraceptive pills, which must be taken at around the same time almost daily. 


Spermicide is also birth control that needs to be inserted into the vagina before sex to prevent pregnancies. However, only condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The birth control vaginal ring is another option, and it only needs to be inserted into the vagina once a month. After a maximum of 5 weeks, the vaginal ring can easily be removed at home. 

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