GTA San Andreas: a Staggering Discrepancy Between Tanks and Bikes Leaves the Fans Speechless

Credit:, João Ferrão

For a game released 17 years ago, GTA San Andreas is still played today by a lot of gamers. You can convince yourself by trying the multiplayer mode of the legendary game. There are lots of full servers. It’s nothing surprising here, however.

Anybody who has been playing GTA San Andreas knows very well that its level of gameplay is way off the charts. The 2004 open world game saw Carl Johnson (aka CJ) going through all kinds of exciting challenges. He could become a firefighter, a paramedic, a pimp, a taxi driver, a cop, a thief who sneaks into houses at night to stole goodies, and many more.

You can destroy tanks, but not bikes

Although GTA SA is easily one of the most popular games of the Grand Theft Auto series, it had its shortcomings, just like any other game in this world. One of those shortcomings is the lack of realism. But hey, let’s face it: what could you expect from a game released in 2004?

Thanks to, we know about a hilarious discrepancy between tanks and bikes pointed out by a fan. Surely the guy isn’t the only one who noticed it, and here it goes:

Rhino can be destroyed by flame throwers and molotovs, while the BMX is INVINCIBLE from GTA

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen! If you want to grab a completely indestructible vehicle in GTA San Andreas, all you have to do is hop into that bike that CJ rides in an early mission along with his gang! Shoot with everything you have at a tank, and it first releases smoke, then it starts burning, and it will ultimately explode. But when it comes to the simple bikes, you’ll easily consume all your ammo, whether you’re trying with an AK47 or a rocket launcher, and you won’t even leave a single scratch.

That’s it for today regarding unrealism in old games. Would you try to escape the police on top of a BMX in GTA San Andreas?

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