Google Pixel Fold vs. Google Pixel 6 Pro – Which One Should You Buy?

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It’s interesting to see Google involved heavily in the hardware area in recent years. The Pixel smartphone series is gaining a decent level of attention, although it didn’t really start too well. Google Pixel 6 Pro, for instance, was released a year ago, and today we’ll try to find out how well it would compete in the face of the upcoming Pixel Fold.

A few days ago, we compared the rumored specs of the Google Pixel Fold with what we know for sure regarding the Huawei Mate Xs 2. Both are foldable phones, but a foldable phone doesn’t automatically mean a superior one.

How about a Google Pixel Fold vs. Google Pixel 6 Pro battle? There’s not too much to know at this point regarding the Pixel Fold, and what we know so far is mostly based on rumors. But even so, let’s get it started:


Pixel Fold is expected to have a main display that reaches 120Hz for the refresh rate and a peak brightness of 1200 nits. That’s more than enough if you’re heavily into gaming or video editing, for instance. You need a high refresh rate for that kind of activity.

Pixel 6 Pro is equipped with a LTPO AMOLED display of 120Hz for the refresh rate, HDR10+, and a resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels.

At this point, the Google Pixel 6 Pro wins this round.


Google Pixel Fold is expected to carry a Tensor G2 processor, while the Pixel 6 Pro model relies on the Google Tensor processor. The Tensor processors are pretty capable of competing with other top processors out there, and things should be in favor of the Pixel Fold in this area.


We can expect from the Google Pixel Fold to take photos with its main triple camera setup that consists of a IMX787 main sensor of 64MP. There are also a 12MP IMX386 ultrawide sensor and a 10.8MP S5K3J1 telephoto lens.

Google Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t fall short, either. It sports a triple camera setup consisting of a 50MP wide sensor, a 48MP telephoto lens, as well as a 12MP ultrawide lens.


If you’ll be willing to get your hands on the Google Pixel Fold, which is set to launch in early 2023, you’ll likely have to pay somewhere between $1,500 and $1,800. The price of the Google Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, is about $550. That makes the Pixel 6 Pro almost three times cheaper than the Pixel Fold.


There’s still a lot more to find out about what the Pixel Fold device will be capable of, but at this point, it seems that the ‘confrontation’ can be considered a draw. However, buying the Google Pixel 6 Pro is definitely a better option if you care about money too much, as it’s a lot cheaper than Pixel Fold.

It’s not exaggerated to say that it will be difficult for Google to make the Pixel Fold more powerful than the Pixel 6 Pro. The latter has plenty of exciting features. Its battery was built to last for more than 24 hours, it tracks the time spent while running, it translates messages as you type them, and more.

Surely taking photos represents one of the main reasons people use a smartphone nowadays, and the Google Pixel 6 Pro is not doing bad in that area at all. Apart from all those many megapixels that the cameras are capable of, there’s also the feature that allows the phone to faithfully recreate darker skin tones.

Both Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel 6 Pro are amazing smartphones nonetheless, and choosing either one of them can be a good decision. We’re keeping our eyes on further news about the Pixel Fold to find out for sure the entire list of specs.




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