Google Chrome Will Soon Block Insecure Downloads

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Google is constantly updating its services and devices to allow its users to get the best online and offline experience. Soon, Google Chrome will make it more difficult to download files from websites that are less secure.

Learn more about Google’s plans to enhance the Chrome experience below.

New Block Insecure Downloads Feature Will Shortly Run on Chrome

Websites that genuinely care about their visitors’ security and privacy, as well as their online experience, use SSL encryption. By adding this additional layer of security, their URL is changed from “HTTP” to “HTTPS,” assuring us that the necessary safety measures and cutting-edge security standards have been adopted.

Why do we still need more protection online if that’s handled correctly?

Here’s how it works so far:

Clicking the lock icon in the address bar of your browser will show you that information and provide you peace of mind – if you ever need to fill out an online form or visit your banking website, for instance.

So, if a website is advertised as HTTPS or secure, it can nevertheless direct you to a non-secure download link in an attempt to fool you. But, Chrome currently rejects files from websites that are identified as “not secure,” or HTTP, when it comes to downloads.

Google is now taking action to address that risk users pose from this “mixed content” strategy. Based on what 9to5Google found, the development team is seeking to fully disable users’ ability to download files/ have files automatically pushed on them upon visiting a website from unsecured locations.

What to expect?

Practically, if a site with mixed material redirects you to a different URL and offers both secure and insecure downloads, Chrome will notice this and stop it immediately.

You will also be able to get around this blocking feature once it becomes active in Chrome version 111, which should be in a few months.

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