Fortnite Season 4: How to Defeat The Herald Boss and Get the Mythic Burst Rifle

Source: Epic Games

Meet The Herald, the newest boss in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4! As you probably know by now, Fortnite has a boss every season that you can actually fight and get some pretty sleek rewards.

The Herald is quite the character, but if you want to grab the Mythic Burst Rifle, you better get ready for a fight. We’ve compiled a sleek guide on everything you need to know, including how to defeat The Herald boss.

Where Can You Find The Herald in Fortnite Season 4?

The Herald boss is currently hiding at the castle at the center of Herald’s Sanctum. This area is brand-new and quite fascinating, as you can see below, and it’s also Chrome-infected.

Source: Epic Games

The POI is on the eastern part of the Fortnite map, and unlike in previous seasons, the new boss will always be in the same room of the castle. That means you won’t have trouble coming across The Herald.

How to Defeat The Herald Boss in Fortnite?

The Herald is quite the character, and you’ll notice how challenging can be. So, let’s see what the new boss has got and what can do:

  • huge health bar + shield bar
  • unique attacks, including two wolves
  • teleportation via a Chrome substance
Source: Epic Games

Your strategy

Start the battle by stocking up some high-tier weapons and a lot of ammo, just to be sure of anything. You might as well consider maxing out your shield and packing some healing items.

Sneak in, and throw a grenade, and the boss will be immediately distracted. Go for a few headshots as well, and notice how a pattern grows!

When The Herald releases the two wolves, try your best to defeat them right away, not to lose a chance against her. Next, take your shotguns and SMGs and attack the boss; watch out for her teleportation!

How to Get the Burst Rifle Mythic?

After taking down The Herald, you’ll get the Burst Rifle Mythic. This mighty weapon is the Mythic version of the standard Burst Assault Rifle.

Stay tuned for more sleek Fortnite news and tips!

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