EA SPORTS Brings New Update for FIFA 21 – Check Out the Patch Notes

FIFA 21 just got an interesting update from its developers, and those who enjoy the football-simulation game on consoles can already see the differences. There are notable tweaks to the gameplay, as well as for the Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

Dexerto.com brings the exciting news for FIFA 21 fans, as well as publishing the patch notes. EA SPORTS confirmed the following patch notes of the new update:

General, Audio, and Visual

The following changes were made:

  • Updated balls, boots, kits, adboards, badges, flags, and 2D portraits.
  • Added the Input Overlay option for the Visual tab in Game Settings.
  • The Input Overlay displays for screen visuals can be enabled to allow players see what inputs they performed and how they are getting processed during online matches.
  • You can configure Input Overlay in three ways: Input
  • Only, Input Only + Online Response, or simply disabling it.
  • Added 8 Starheads, as well as 3 legacy Starheads.

Career Mode

Addressed the issue:

  • Qualification for the Asian Continental Cup wasn’t functioning correctly.

FIFA Online

Addressed the issues:

  • [PlayStation 4 and Xbox One] When accessing the main menu’s Privacy Setting screen, the Title could load indefinitely.
  • The Soccer Aid team wasn’t used correctly in Online Seasons.


Addressed the issue:

  • In Squad Management, the Player Chemistry UI present on Avatars wasn’t displaying the correct value.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the issues:

  • When a previously locked Objective group got unlocked, it could have continued to display as locked until the player exited and re-entered Ultimate Team.
  • The end-of-match Squad Battles Ultimate Team Coin Skill.
  • Reward calculations weren’t always displaying correctly.
  • Crowd flags were sometimes displaying a placeholder badge.
  • The Search Filters on the Stadium tabs from the
  • Transfer Market were sometimes displaying placeholder text.
  • After seeing the Captain’s Squad in a Co-Op Lobby, the background player models were able to remain on screen even during navigation among other menus.
  • For some cases, the Stadium menu was filtering Item searches by Ball Items.
  • [PlayStation 4 and Xbox One] Addressed a typo detected on a Goal Song Item.

FIFA 21 was launched in October, and it was sold in 1.5 million copies worldwide during its first month.

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