Cobra Kai Returns This Year: Find Out Why The Star Hilary Swank Will Appear In The Sixth Season

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Cobra Kai is a behindhand Karate Kid that has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The first debut was on Youtube in 2019, and the show moved to the streaming service in 2021.

The story continues the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and his enemy Johnny Lawrence. Also, in the three movies are included Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue), John Kreese (Martin Kove), Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), and Jessica Andrews (Robin Lively. The show needs to connect with the fourth film for the Cobra Kai story to come full circle.

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What Is About The Next Karate Kid?

The first Karate Kid movie was released in 1984, followed by the decent, less successful sequel in 1986. The trilogy concluded with 1989’s Part III, a film that killed the franchise for five years. Meanwhile, the story rebooted in 1994, which relocated the series mainstay, Mr. Miyagi, to a new location, giving him a new student to teach.

Wondering who Hilary Swank will play in the next season?

Hilary Swank plays the new student in the shape of Julie Pierce. After the death of his parents, Julie lives with her grandmother in Boston. There she meets Mr. Miyagi after a ceremony for war veterans. 

In the classic Karate Kid, Miyagi teaches her that anger won’t bring her parents back.

Find Out More About The Sixth Season

Mr. Miyagi unites all Karate Kid movies and is the connection between Daniel, Johnny, and Julie.

Actor Pat Morita died in 2005, meaning Mr. Miyagi doesn’t appear in Cobra Kai, but his presence is felt throughout the series. 

So, season 6, the end of the series, is a full-on celebration of his life. All the people Miyagi thought could meet and share stories of the great man.

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