Clash Royale – Top 3 Mini PEKKA Decks You Need To Try

Credit: Supercell

Season 37: Mini Pekka’s Dream has only been out for a little over a week, but players are already raving about it. Everything about Clash Royale right now seems to be just about perfect, from the visually pleasing pancake arena to the well-balanced metagame. Top 5 Mini Pekka decks in Clash Royale for this season have been compiled for your viewing pleasure.

A potent Clash Royale card is Mini PEKKA. For just four Elixir, you can get a lot of side assistance in the form of the Mini Pekka. In Clash Royale, it is one of the first cards to be released. Because the PEKKA is based on the Clash of Clans unit, players familiar with that game will have an easier time fitting in with the group. Players may employ the Mini Pekka in a variety of ways, both defensively and offensively, because to its high stats.

  • Make use of the XBow.The XBow cycle decks in Clash Royale may be a big danger to anybody, as players are well aware. Everything about it is the same as any other deck. Use the XBow at the proper moment to often chip the tower. Front-line heavy-troopers can be taken down by the Mini PEKKA, which may then be utilized in tandem with the XBow to attack the crown tower. The rest of the cards may be used to return to the XBow at any time. As a result of the lower Elixir cost, the adversary will have a more difficult time rotating his deck. When it comes to Clash Royale’s tower defense, the Xbow may be just as effective. As long as you keep it close to the middle, it will do its best. The Mini Pekka may be a useful weapon in the event of a large-scale assault. As a diversion, the Ice Golem and Goblins may be utilized, while the Ice Wizard can slow down the soldiers and allow the Mini Pekka to slowly disrupt the assault and conduct a counterattack.
  • Golem&Healer combo. A tremendous push is to be expected from any Golem-powered deck, and this one is no exception. If the Healer, Baby Dragon, and Night Witch are all used together, the Golem should be able to quickly bring down a tower. When an opponent’s structure is under construction, use a Lightning spell from your hand to demolish it. When the Mini Pekka is put behind the Healer, she has a greater chance of surviving. In Clash Royale, this deck features a good and tight defensive. The ground forces may be dealt with by Mini Pekka and Healer, while the air forces can be dealt with by Baby Dragon and Mega Minion, who can then assist the ground forces. As long as you have enough Elixir to counter practically any assault, you’ll have no problem executing a devastating response.
  • Combine the Graveyard and the Giant. The primary goal of this deck is to continuously rush the opponent’s towers by cycling to the Giant and Graveyard. You can protect the Giant from being slain by using either the Musketeer or Mini Pekka in front of him. Having to defend his tower from the Giant and the Graveyard while also having to deal with a Musketeer or Mini Pekka lurking in the shadows increases the likelihood of the opponent making a mistake. When it comes to defending against air and ground forces, the Musketeer is a formidable opponent. With the help of the Mini Pekka and Skeleton Army, the towers may be protected against hostile soldiers. As far as defense goes, Mini Pekka and the Musketeer are critical because they are the only cards with high hitpoints and a devastating DPS. To help sustain the towers, players must have one of these characters ready to be thrown into the arena.
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