Check Out the Official Trailer for Mortal Online 2

Credit: Star Vault AB

Mortal Online 2 is Star Vault’s online sandbox game that originally came out last year in November. Available exclusively for Windows PC, Mortal Online 2 embarks the player into a vast world full of mysteries and dangers. Many players gather on a single server and try to make their in-game living better, but that depends on a lot of factors.

There are lots of wild animals on the map and even fantastic creatures, so you could never complain about getting bored while playing Mortal Online 2. Players need to gather resources, craft goods, or even enhance their building skills by constructing houses, fortifications, and more.

War or Peace – it’s YOUR choice!

It will be up to the players if they want to wage war or keep a peaceful way of living. When you begin playing the game, you’ll have to customize your character by giving him a race, nationality, and ancestry.

Find out more about Mortal Online 2 by watching the official trailer:

You can buy Mortal Online 2 from Steam for 33.99 euros, and you can also check out the following description of the game from the gaming service:

Forge your destiny in the player-driven fantasy world of Mortal Online 2, populated by other players who bring with them their own unique experiences and content. Whether you wish to be an artisan providing masterfully crafted arms and armor, a member of a powerful faction that occupies a region of the world, a tamer training rare and exotic beasts, a highwayman robbing others, or a noble soul seeking to protect the weak from outlaws and beasts—The story of your journey will be written through your actions, and you choose the direction of each chapter.

Mortal Online 2 is available in 11 supported languages, and surprisingly enough, Russian is also among them. The others are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

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