Car Explosion at Liverpool Hospital Registers One Fatality

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On Sunday 14 November, a car exploded at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The incident killed one person and injured another and the case is investigated by officers from Counter Terrorism North West UK and the Merseyside Police. The Merseyside police tweeted about the unfortunate event and asked people to refrain from speculations.


The tweet mentioned that three men under 30 years old were arrested under the Terrorism act. They were arrested in the Kensington area, and the investigation is ongoing. The car that exploded was a taxi that had just entered the hospital premises minutes before the explosion occurred, at around 11 a.m. local time.

Other sources mention that the injured person is receiving medical treatment and has not suffered life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, visiting access to the hospital has been limited, and the whole community has been shaken by the news.

Boris Johnson referred to the incident on social media

The UK Prime Minister tweeted about the tragic event and thanked the police for acting quickly.

My thoughts are with all those affected by the awful incident in Liverpool today. I want to thank the emergency services for their quick response and professionalism and the police for their ongoing work on the investigation.

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, also thanked the police for their professionalism and quick response on Twitter.


The causes of the explosion are not yet clear. According to the reports, the dead person is a male passenger of the car, and the injured person is the taxi driver. The police did not yet confirm if it was an accident or a terrorist act.

Due to the unfortunate event, some patients had to be sent to other medical facilities to receive medical help. Home Secretary Priti Patel assured everyone that she was receiving updates on the incident.

The Liverpool Women’s Hospital is the largest hospital of its kind in Europe, receiving over 50,000 women each year.

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