Apple Watch 8 Pro: Apple Could Release A Premium Watch This Fall

Credit: Apple

A little more than a week before Apple’s launch event on September 7, additional clues are beginning to leak out about what we are expected to see during the product announcement itself. This will take place on September 7. And this includes the most recent information on the company’s plans for the Apple Watch.

The standard series of yearly upgrades to the Apple Watch, which now stands at the Apple Watch 8, may feature more product iterations. In addition to the launch of the Apple Watch SE 2, which will serve as the company’s new entry-level smartwatch, we have also been told to anticipate the launch of the Apple Watch 8 Pro. It is said that this watch would be of a higher quality and would be marketed for athletes as well as anybody else who need a robust gadget for a hard exercise.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who reports that we might see Apple implementing satellite connection on the Apple Watch Pro, it is now the turn of the Apple Watch 8 Pro to be the subject of rumors that have been circulating online. That’s a widely talked about feature that appeared last year before to the debut of the iPhone 13, and some have projected the function to be part of the iPhone 14. It was rumored that the feature would be included in the iPhone 13 last year.

Gurman thinks that Apple’s move toward satellite connectivity might eventually be used in the company’s smartwatches. Gurman notes in this week’s Power On email that the business has also considered the concept of providing its watches satellite capabilities internally. This may make sense for a future version of the new more durable Apple Watch Pro. Having said that, it is not known if the feature will be available this year or whether it will be something that Apple releases in the future.

In the event that there is no cellular connection accessible, Apple’s use of satellite connectivity would be a game-changer for the method of communication used in emergency situations. Gurman characterizes the function as an improvement over the existing capability of the iPhone and Apple Watch to swiftly contact emergency services and provide them with your position. This capability poses a possible threat to gadgets that operate independently of one another.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.