Apex Legends: Everything That You Need To Know About FOV

Source: EA
Source: EA

To help you get the edge you need in Apex Legends’ Season 14 battle royale, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest field-of-view (FOV) settings available to you. A new Legend Vantage and adjustments to the existing Ranked Leagues are just two examples of the new features available to players in Apex Legends Season 14.

When starting a new season, it’s crucial to have the best possible game settings, and field of view (FOV) is one of those options that may be tweaked to offer you a visual edge. Below is a comprehensive guide to Field of View in Apex Legends.

How do you define field of view in Apex Legends?

The term “field of view” (or “FOV”) refers to the horizontal extent of the field of view displayed on the screen. Increase this value to expand the field of view and give players a better sense of their surroundings. If this value is lowered, the field of view will be restricted.

The field of view (FOV) in Apex Legends is set to 70 by default, which is, to most seasoned players, incredibly low. The maximum temperature that may be set with this device is 110.

When playing Apex Legends, what field of view do you recommend?

Depending on how you’ve got things set up, the optimal FOV ranges from 96 to 104. Playing on a large screen will still allow you to see distant enemies, thus increasing your FOV is a good idea. While it is ultimately up to you and your setup, we advise keeping it at or above 70 FOV. Otherwise, your perception of the world will be impaired.

Having a wide field of view (FOV) on a small screen or monitor might distort your vision and make it difficult to see objects at greater distances, thus in this case, we advise keeping the FOV in the 90s. If you can adjust your FOV to be between 90 and 104, you’ll have a significant advantage over players whose FOV is set at the default or below.  Since these parameters scale, you may find that your newly-adjusted field of view causes your sensitivity to feel excessively slow, prompting you to experiment about with new values for both.

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