Windows 11 May 21H2 Preview Update Brings Improvements to the OS

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Windows 11 has been around since late 2021, and until now, it hasn’t done a pretty good job when it comes to impressing us. The majority of Microsoft users still cling to Windows 10, while about 3.7% even prefer the good old Windows 7.

But as usual, Microsoft doesn’t give up that easily and wants to make its latest operating system better and popular through updates. The same goes for the latest Windows 11.

Watch out for the KB5026436 update

Windows 11’s latest update, KB5026436, brings several fixes and improvements to enhance the experience of users, and XDA brings details. One notable fix addresses issues with printer drivers failing to install when the user connects to Wi-Fi automatically. The update improves interactions with the search box on the taskbar, although it needs to be said that specifics are not mentioned. As for other fixes, we have to mention access to Tab settings for IE mode sites, improvements to Narrator’s text attributes, as well as audio playback on certain processors.

Furthermore, there are various quality improvements related to the search indexer, dot sourcing, password expiration notices, Server Message Block, LSASS, scheduled tasks, Event Viewer, and more. The update also brings changes to support phone numbers and IMSI ranges for mobile providers.

However, it’s worth noting that there is a known issue with certain third-party UI customization apps, such as ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack, which may halt devices from starting up. Microsoft recommends uninstalling or updating those apps before installing the update.

There’s no info yet on the exact release date for the KB5026436 Windows 11 update. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the release of the Windows 11 update in question, it’s best to keep an eye on the official Microsoft website or Windows Update on your device. Microsoft usually releases updates frequently, so keeping an eye on official sources will provide the most reliable information you can need.

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