The ‘Dungeon Drafters’ Card Battler RPG Arrives for the PC

Credit: Steam

Developer Manalith Studios and publisher DANGEN Entertainment have collaborated to bring ‘Dungeon Drafters’ to the PC. We’re talking about a mystery dungeon adventure RPG set in a world where playing with cards is the way to go. The game is now up for grabs via Steam, and you’ll need to pay 24,50 euros in order to buy it.

Therefore, Dungeon Drafters is available for the PC once you grab it from Steam, and perhaps the best part is that pretty much any laptop or desktop PC out there can run the game. The recommended system requirements include only 8GB of RAM and a graphics card such as an Nvidia GTX 770 or anything better.

A launch trailer is also available, and you are free to watch it below:

At first glance, the characters of this game seem to have something from Pokemon characters. We can easily see some Haunter or Charizard there, but perhaps it’s just imagination going berserk. If you have the same feeling, it might mean that you’re not too old yet.

Part of the games’s description on its Steam page says the following:

Battle it out in tile-based combat with your spell deck to execute incredible combos that devastate the battlefield. Collect rare cards, loot treasure, rescue lost adventurers, then return to town to prepare for your next run. Dive deeper and work your way toward building the ultimate spell deck that will banish evil from the world forever.

Before becoming available for the PC, Dungeon Drafters had already been played on other platforms. The game was initially released last year in August, and it’s also available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even Linux-based computers. Therefore, you clearly shouldn’t despair if you prefer your gaming on other platforms and you’re also willing to play Dungeon Drafters.

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