Textsheet Substitutes – Top 2022 Alternatives

Textsheet.com was a website where students could find solutions to their textbook-related homework problems. Its simplicity and user-friendliness were widely praised by those who tried it. Offering its answers for free, the site immediately became a popular resource for students all around the world.

The site behaved more like a search engine than a collection in its own right, collating and collecting solutions for users to search through by accessing the application programming interfaces (APIs) of other answer databases. Unfortunately, throughout the site’s existence, it encountered several legal issues, which is typical of sites that adopt a “search engine” strategy. As a result, American education corporation Chegg filed a DMCA copyright takedown complaint against Textsheet.com because it included solutions from Chegg in its search results.

Many other services are available that are comparable to Textsheet. Here is a rundown of several great alternatives to Textsheet.com if you’re a student seeking for academic assistance with your homework.\

Course Hero

In 2006, the founders of Course Hero launched the website as a place where students could share notes, study aids, and solutions to problems from popular textbooks. See their free page of textbook answers if you’re using the US curriculum. Over 300 books, including 85 in Biology and 82 in Mathematics, have answers that can be accessed for free by students.

You can immediately begin browsing after creating your free account. Course Hero’s professional instructors are accessible around-the-clock to answer any issues you may have about your assignments. Visit their “ask a question” page, enter your query alongside an image, and they promise to respond within 15 minutes.

Paying for their premium plan grants entry to tens of thousands more study materials, including a broader range of textbooks. If you pay for the program annually, though, you’ll pay less than $10 per month for access to tutors whenever you need them.

Nonetheless, CourseHero provides an additional entry point to their materials and support staff. You can get free questions to ask the experts and access premium study materials if you post your own study resources. If you upload ten documents, for instance, you’ll receive five free unlocks.


For more than 50 million textbooks, CrazyForStudy promises rapid, detailed answers. For only $7 per month, you may enter the title, author, or ISBN of your textbook and have instant access to high-quality solutions.

They can get help with their schoolwork at any time of day or night and have access to a database of over 50 million questions and answers. Also, they cover a wide range of subjects, including Economics, Sociology, and even Engineering. If you have a question, you can quickly get the solution by searching for it.

CrazyForStudy provides a personalized assignment solution for students that need it. Their assistance services are backed by professionals, they say, all of whom have doctorates in their respective professions. If you get homework assistance from CrazyForStudy, you can rest assured that it will be original and delivered quickly. You can fire off your inquiry and any supporting materials if you need immediate assistance.

In this case, you just have to pay half the money upon submission, with the other half due only if you’re completely happy with the work that was done. Each member of their writing staff has solid credentials and is just a click away from providing assistance.


We were able to find a great private tutoring service at last. Skooli is a fantastic resource for low-cost one-on-one tuition if you’re really having trouble with a subject and would benefit from some personalized coaching while you work to improve your knowledge in that area. To use this service on a minute-by-minute basis, rates start at $0.85.

You may connect instantaneously from any device, you get to pick your own instructor based on their experience and credentials, and they guarantee your satisfaction as a student. You won’t be trapped into a contract or charged for a membership you don’t need. Only the time actually spent tutoring you will be charged for.

Because their tutors are subject matter specialists, they can help you improve your grades and test scores to help you get into the college of your choice. You can obtain the assistance you need with your schoolwork right away without having to wait. Thanks to their extensive network of instructors, you may quickly find someone to assist you in any subject.

Many learners will miss using Textsheet.com. However, the sad truth is that most of the solutions offered were stolen from services like Chegg, even if it provided a wide variety of textbook solutions and homework help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top alternatives to Textsheet; some of these may even be the original inspiration for Textsheet’s own features. We have faith that using these services will speed up your progress in class and help you achieve your goals.


Slader is a free online database of study guides, textbook answers, and other educational resources. Slader is the closest service to what Textsheet.com used to be. Select your level of study from High School Math all the way up to Economics at the Doctoral level and peruse their various textbook answers. You’ll be able to peruse existing queries and answers as well as post your own. While this service is free, please understand that response times may be slow.

To ensure that you are grasping the concepts presented in each textbook, there are accompanying quizzes that can be taken at regular intervals. The quizzes on Slader are generated collaboratively by users.

However, the service does cost a little more if you are a student. For about $6 a month, Slader subscribers have access to an infinite library of carefully curated solutions for their college textbooks, each with detailed, expert-written explanations.

The answers on Slader can be hit or miss because the site relies heavily on user contributions and is free to use. Even if monitored, the free resource isn’t likely to be very validated because anyone in the community can contribute to it. Affordably priced paid plans provide answers at the level of an expert for a fraction of the expense of their competitors.

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