Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5’s Design Could Be Slimmer While Folded

Credit: Phone Arena

Get ready for quite the news! Samsung’s next foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, could be a lot slimmer. Thanks to reliable tipster, Ice Universe, we have a glimpse into the future…the future Galaxy Z Fold 5! Check out below what the tipster shared on Twitter:

If you wished for a thinner Galaxy Z Fold, well, it might finally happen!

Its thickness, when folded, which is expected to be 13.4mm, is maybe the most intriguing thing here. This matter is also pretty much important since the Z Fold 4’s thickness varies from 14.2mm to 15.8mm depending on the angle of the folded screens and the spacing between the hinges. For some Galaxy Z Fold users, that is an issue.

So, thanks to a sleek and improved “droplet”-style hinge Samsung is allegedly embracing, the Fold 5 might be both smaller and flatter than its predecessor.

What are your thoughts about the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5?

Going further with other leaked specs, the weight is definitely another major upgrade for the Galaxy Z Fold 5. How so? Well, it is rumored to be 254g, 9g lighter than its predecessor. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

A little while ago, Ice Universe also revealed key specs about Fold 5’s weight, claiming the smartphone could be 0.2mm shorter, narrower, and thinner when unfolded than its predecessor. Somehow, that’s comparable in size. Moreover, given that the Fold 5 is expected to feature displays that are the same size as the Fold 4 (6.2-inch + 7.56-inch), these smaller measurements imply that it would actually have slightly narrower screen bezels, right?!

Finally, those numbers imply that Samsung’s flagship foldable may only receive a small upgrade this year. Quite disappointing, to be honest. The Z Flip 5, its smaller flip phone buddy, is also said to come with a significantly bigger cover display. However, the same cannot be said about the Z Flip 5.

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