iPadOS 17: Lock Screen Customization, New Stage Manager, and More

Credit: 9to5Mac

Several significant changes for iPad will be reportedly included in iPadOS 17. According to fresh leaks, the update would include improvements to Stage Manager, personalization, and support for Lock Screen widgets, among other cool things. What are your expectations for the upcoming iPadOS 17?

Thanks to @analyst941 (watch out for this one as it does not have a lengthy history of offering reliable iOS leaks yet), we get a glimpse of what iPadOS 17 might bring. Check out below some of the iPadOS 17’s rumored features:

  • Stream Multiple audio/vid sources at once with Stage Manager on
  • External monitor webcam support
  • Resizable dock (in external display settings only)
  • Audio output source settings
  • Sleep iPad display; external display stays on

Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Well, as previously said, it would help a lot if you could take everything with a pinch of salt until we see the real thing.

So, practically, the Stage Manager will be one of iPadOS 17’s primary focus areas, based on @analyst941’s claims. Stage Manager is a sleek new multitasking interface introduced by Apple as part of iPadOS 16. It sounds interesting, of course, but it has somehow gotten mixed reviews from iPad power users at first. But that might change, and we could see Stage Manager getting a number of cool updates as part of iPadOS 17 to improve our experience.

What are your thoughts so far on iPadOS 17?

According to other sources (more reliable), like Ross Young and Bloomberg, the tech giant based in Cupertino is actually developing a 14.1-inch iPad that might be on sale later this year or, most likely, at the beginning of 2024. Even one rumor claimed that a 16-inch model was in the works. Well, that’s definitely something that keeps up hooked, right?!

Finally, the last bits of recent rumors claim that iPadOS 17 will purportedly have “all the features” that allow for Lock Screen customization on the iPhone. Such a thing will mean that for the first time, we’ll get the choice to move the clock on the iPad’s Lock Screen.

Stay tuned for more cool Apple bits soon!

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