Gramhir-like Apps You Can Try Out Now; Check Out the Best Alternatives

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The Instagram viewer and analyzer app currently, aka Gramhir, is a great tool that allows you to do studies on a large number of Instagram accounts or investigate the popularity score of a profile. You can also check the amount of time that passes between posts, the typical number of likes and comments, and other relevant data. But no matter how amazing Gramhir is, it’s actually great to have a couple of more options up your sleeve, is it?!

We put together a brief selection of the best options available other than Gramhir. Have a look at all of them in the list down below, and share which one you find best!

Gramhir-like Apps To Try in 2023

There are many options that may be explored and tested out, but the following listed below are, without a doubt, the most viable substitutes for Gramhir:

1. Toolzu
2. Inflact
3. inBeat
4. Path Social
5. Social Monitor
6. inBeat
7. Sweetagram
8. Analisa


Toolzu, which offers more than ten distinct measures, will provide you with better insights into a user’s profile than Gramhir, which is, without a doubt, the most revolutionary thing ever!

You may use the hashtag generator on Toolzu, for instance, to develop keywords based only on an image that you upload, a phrase that you specify, or the URL of a website or blog post that you own and control. The hashtag generator has some excellent features, and this is certainly one of them. Test it out for yourself by uploading a picture; after that, Toolzu will present you with a selection of suggested hashtags to use with it. Neat!


Inflact provides access to a far wider variety of facts and data than Gramhir does, which is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive features currently available. The application includes a chart that displays the typical number of posts that a profile publishes depending on the day of the week and the time of day, as well as a chart that displays the typical amount of activity that an account generates based on the day of the week and the time of day.

Additionally, Inflact will show you the daily, weekly, and monthly averages for the number of posts that the account publishes. You’ll also be able to compare the current month’s results to those from the prior month to observe how those measures have changed. That is very awesome!


You are able to do an account audit using the Fake Follower Checker, which is included with inBeat. However, similar to Gramhir, it shows statistics about the account, such as the number of total followers, the ratio of comments to likes, the average number of likes, and more.

You will also receive an audience score from the tool, which takes into account overall interaction as well as likes and comments, and compares these metrics to industry averages. You can rapidly locate influencers to follow and analyze thanks to inBeat’s QuickSearch Influencer Search Engine. This is the feature that inBeat users find to be the most beneficial. You have the option to filter by location, number of followers, gender, level of involvement, and language.

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