Goku Fights Broly Once Again in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 92

Credit: Pixabay.com, Carlos Hilario

The 2018 movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” introduced a stronger version of the Legendary Super Saiyan than ever. Goku and Vegeta had a lot of headaches trying to take down Broly, who had a different motivation than in previous movies. This time, the mad Saiyan went after Vegeta and not Goku.

Both the beloved Saiyans had their shot at fighting Broly in the 2018 movie, and unsurprisingly, the latter stuck around for the next Dragon Ball movie as well – the 2022 film known as “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.” However, it’s true that we might have used more of Broly’s cataclysmic power in that movie, as he was seen only for a few moments as he was powering up, and, well… crying.

The Dragon Ball Super manga continued the story long after the events from the Tournament of Power arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime that ended back in March 2018. Introducing new villains and challenges for Goku and the gang, the manga is now bringing back Broly for another round against Goku.

Chapter 92 brings a rematch between Broly and Goku

Broly fought a brave and fierce battle against the beloved Saiyan Goku, but even so, it looks like the two have a new score to settle. New images from Chapter 92 of the manga show the two warriors as they clash with one another in base forms. The confrontation seems more like a sparing match rather than a real fight where the opponents give everything they have.

Here’s what Goku says to Broly in the new chapter, as ComicBook.com quotes:

Nice one. You’re getting the hang of this fighting stuff! You’ll get used to it bit by bit. Pretty soon, you’ll be fighting with a level head without snapping into a rage. This time we’re gonna kick things up a notch, okay?

We’re eagerly waiting for future releases of manga chapters in order to find out more about Broly’s role in the near future of Dragon Ball Super!


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