Facebook Messenger 422. Update – Apk Download Available Now

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The Facebook Messenger instant messaging service successfully replaced the in-app Facebook messaging service. Facebook Messenger is now a popular instant messaging platform that links to the Facebook database. It enables Facebook users to communicate with one another and carry out a variety of functions, such as sending instant messages, making video chats, uploading images and videos, and more. Because the latest version of Facebook Messenger, 422., is now available for download on APKMirror, you should update the program as soon as possible in order to make use of all of its features.

Find out below what changes and new features Facebook Messenger version 422. delivers.

Facebook Messenger 422. Update

The most recent version of the Facebook Messenger update includes several enhancements to the following features and configuration options:

Privacy settings
You now have more control over who may contact you and where their communications are delivered, thanks to updated privacy settings.

Platforms compatibility 
Talk to your pals on a variety of different devices.

Cross-app messages and calls 
Talk with your pals on Instagram without leaving Messenger. To call or message someone, just search for their name or username on the platform.

Chat themes
You may make your conversations more personal by selecting from a variety of entertaining themes and colors, such as love or tie-dye.

Free and unlimited texts and calls
You may avoid sharing phone numbers with your Facebook friends by just sending them a message instead, even if they are located on the other side of the planet. You can take advantage of high-quality text and voice messaging on all of your favorite devices, including your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop computer.

Send any files 
There is no limit placed on the total amount of files that can be sent to other users. Impressive!

Watch together feature
When you can’t be with your friends in person, you may use Messenger’s Video Chat and Rooms to watch videos, movies, and TV shows together. Record every action and reaction in real time.

And more yet to be discovered!

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