Diablo IV Devs Present the Character Customization in a New Video


If you’re even a casual gamer, certainly you’ve heard about the Diablo series. It’s the name of Blizzard’s action role-playing dungeon crawler game series that started off in 1997. The world is preparing for the fourth major installment of the series to take place at some point this June.

Apart from battling against entire hordes of powerful demons, character customization will also play a significant role in the upcoming game. That’s where the devs have a few things to clarify, and it’s great to find out that they’ve released a new video, for that matter.

Feel free to watch it below:

Eleven years have passed since the release of the prequel game, meaning Diablo 3. While that game was received generally well by the fans, a lot of folks wanted improvements in certain areas, and now they cling to their hopes on Diablo 4. The upcoming game promises more exciting action than before, along with immersive graphics and thrilling combat.

If you’re willing to learn more about the future game, here’s a description that appears on the developers’ official website:

Diablo IV is the ultimate action RPG experience with endless evil to slaughter, countless abilities to master, nightmarish dungeons, and legendary loot. Embark on the campaign solo or with friends, through beautifully dark settings, or explore a shared world where players can meet in towns to trade, team up to battle world bosses, or descend into PVP zones to test their skills against other players.

Diablo 4 will be playable for Windows PC’s that are powerful enough and the usual consoles, meaning the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

If you are willing to play the game on the PC, your rig will need to have a minimum of 8GB of RAM, a graphics card such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 280, and a processor like Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-8100.

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